The Little Things

“We must not, in trying to think about how we can make a big difference, ignore the small daily differences we can make which, over time, add up to big difference that we often cannot foresee.” ~Marian Wright Edelman

The tiny things add up. When working for the Lord, which we are all inevitably doing as called out ones, we must not neglect the tiny tasks by working tirelessly on the big ones. Sometimes we make a bigger long term difference, a more impactful difference, by stopping in our tracks and listening to a friend, worshipping with a song, writing an encouraging letter, smiling at the overwhelmed momma in line or just resting to recharge. We have no idea what out little acts of kindness will produce, but enormous armies may be moved by the morale of the commander. An enormous ship is moved by a tiny rudder. A mighty inferno is started by a spark. This information is true for good or evil. How exciting to be a proponent of good! How fabulous to be the anonymous reason someone did not resort to violence, felt better, forgave, sent good on to someone else, etc. How fabulous it would be to stand before the Lord and hear Him say that we did what He wanted. What a tremendous and beautiful thought!

The Inner Church

Mother Theresa, the beautiful woman of God that I admire greatly, was once asked what could be changed to improve the church, or something very close to that. Her response was “your self”. That is the answer, folks. We are the church, we Christ followers come together for one purpose, which is to collectively worship, praise, pray and study. That is what church was initiated to be. What has it become? A theatrical performance? A dogma-rich religious ceremony? A show of an opinionated carnal preacher? A country club? A contest of personal greatness or achievement? If any of those, I hurt for us because we are far from God’s design. And who on earth can swoop down and save us from ourselves? Well, I am so happy to tell you that someone already has. Jesus Christ has saved us and when He left, He did not leave us high and dry. We have three precious and extraordinarily powerful gifts: the Bible, the ability to speak face to face with the Almighty with Christ acting as our intercessor and the Holy Spirit. Between these three incredible gifts, we can figure this out, and we had better step on it because Jesus is coming back soon for His bride, the church (us), and we had better be right with Him. To restore our churches, we need to first be certain that we are holy, pure, joyful, righteous, blameless, integral, etc. A tall order, in these ugly times? Absolutely! Doable? Absolutely? How? By the power of the Holy Spirit and the truth of God’s Holy Word and consistent prayers! Jesus Christ has defeated our enemy already and the gifts He gave us have the power and authority to produce in you and amazing godliness. You are invincible if you have this perspective and stay in constant companionship with these three gifts. And let me be clear, the invincibility is not of your own power, should anyone boast, but clearly from the power of the Creator of everything we know anything about. He is the power we cannot even fathom and yet, He graces us with the gift of tapping into His powerful Spirit and defeating the enemy that seeks to kill us on our own personal front. It is a battle and the heat is on because the enemy knows their time is short. Remember that. If time is so short that they are getting more aggressive and panicky, that means time is also short for us to endure it. And heaven as it’s us on the other side!! That is no small motivation! Keep your eye on the prize for which we were called. Work hard for the Lord because it won’t be long until you will never have to work at it at all forever after.