Easier to Fall

It amazes me how much easier it is to fall. It is so easy to say the wrong word, do the wrong thing, give up and be mediocre or lazy, so easy to revert to old bad habits or act like like bad things you were shown or doing what we want or falling for pleasures and vices. Being good and specifically being God’s and thus being eternally successful is really hard comparitively. It just is. If being a Christian is ever presented as an easy road, they are liars and want something from you. The truth is it is counter culture to serve rather than try to be served. It is counter culture to be humble. It is counter culture to love when people deserve hate. It is counter ourselves to please God rather than try to please ourselves. It is difficult, really difficult. But what is true is that we have an unlimited and eternal source of help and strength and comfort available to us any and every time we humbly ask Him. We are not alone in this journey, we are never asked to be. In fact, God wants us closer, nearer, more in live with Him, communicating more. He wants to love on us and teach us with His Word. He wants to whisper love to our hearts in prayer. He wants to lavish love on us and reward us for our struggles and remind us we are just passing through and will be with Him forever on beautiful sin-less bliss soon if we just draw close to Him and struggle on with peace and joy and hope as our love/strength gifts from Him.

Busy Days

Today was a very busy, exhausting day. We got up really early and drove an hour with Mom to attend a missionary retreat for most of the day and drove the hour back. I cooked then rested for a little bit and my son and I went to his baseball game, stuck keeping score/records for the game with a girl plating hip hop music and talking the ENTIRE game. Now we are home and getting a late supper and finally sitting down. I am tired. On top of it, my allergies are flaring up and I am very dizzy and things are out of focus. Why tell anyone all this? Because not every day is easy or perfect and some are messy and hard to get through. And I am not perfect and days are not perfect. But this is always true. I may be exhausted but I have peace and joy and am loved. It is the core of me. God never leaves me alone. Ever. Some days are picture perfect, so e are a challenge to keep upbeat and encouraging but I do because God never fails to provide for and accompany me. He sees what goes down and lifts me up to face it. Some days would be easy to get frustrated but I don’t because God is very patient with me. I am grateful. I am appreciative each time He helps me and blesses me. What is a little inconvenience compared to all the amazing blessings from God.

Surviving Difficult People

I do not have all the answers and I have experienced and absorbed as much psychobabble as I ever care to, but one thing I know is that there will always be difficult people in your realm of experience, often too close for comfort. If no one around you is difficult, either you should be teaching me because you have learned how to refrain from acknowledging evil or you are the difficult person. 🙂 I digress. Another thing I have learned is that difficult people are difficult for a reason. Either they always got away with it, they are evil and need Jesus, they have pain in their lives, they have control or pride issues, they slept on a rock last night or have a newborn keeping them up all night, someone called them a bad name when they were 4, or whatever. However, regardless of the psycho “reason”, difficult people choose to be that way and we can choose to not allow them to vomit all over us. I am talking about setting up healthy boundaries, not vendettas and nonsense. Bad things happen to everyone in the world and it is always our choice as to how we respond to it. Even if the difficult person is your boss, they have no right to abuse that power and bullies of any variety need to be dealt with head on or they will continue to steal your joy. But I have a secret knowledge to help you avoid painful situations and still keep your job, family member in your life, spouse, neighbor, etc. Ready for it? Here it is: our battles is not with that or any other difficult person. How can this be? Simple. Every war waged between our ears is an extension of the war waged in the spirit. Our battles have nothing to do with people. These people are tools, pawns and as such we should feel sorry for them. They are being duped into working for the devil who always wants to steal our joy, separate us from hope and kill us. When we see a difficult person, we are seeing the enemy of our Spirit rearing his ugly little head to try to hurt us because he’s jealous and mad for losing the big war. But he is a defeated foe. Our adversary in the shape right now of this difficult person is a walking corpse. This is why God says to pray for your enemies. He knows this pathetic person needs Him and really wants to be able to save his soul. Who else will pray for this horrid being? Prayer also helps you focus and remind you of this secret truth I have shared with you. And it will keep you from becoming bitter or have issues with in forgiveness or hatred or anger. So, the key to working with difficult people in life is to pray a lot for them and yourself. God loves this and will bless it.

Difficult Decisions

What truly makes a decision difficult is most often us. Our uncertainty, lack of faith/trust, distractions, input from others, masks or just plain pride are the accomplices to the crime of difficulty but the gunman is generally just a focus on the details so much that God’s big picture and will are shadowed. Often it is really an easy decision shrouded in emotional or spiritual baggage. What really makes us have difficulty with a decision is the enemy. He works overtime on causing distraction and loss of focus and even procrastination and evil influences of others. He takes pride in steering us the wrong direction and loves to see us sweat it out while his plan is going strong. The decision whether to do right or wrong is never a gray decision, never difficult. However, if the enemy has his way, he tempts us to a myriad of shades of gray until little compromises are made. Usually, big decisions are difficult when they involve the future of other people. In that case, the big picture thinking comes in handy. If you are not cut to see the big picture, maybe you know a fellow Christ follower who is and can help see that big picture you need to make the decision. And if you don’t have such a person in your circle, or even if you do, here is a revolutionary practice… Pray about it and read your Bible and then have ask some questions in your head and you will be surprised how many times God’s Holy Spirit answers your question in your head or heart OR the opportunity that shows up soon after. God is not dead. He is absolutely alive and active and His Holy Spirit dwells/lives in every person who is saved. So, with His help decisions cease to be difficult or ugly. They clear up when you ask the Lord for help and are open for His answer.