Junior League Baseball

My son is playing baseball now. While there are strong likenesses, such as a bat and ball and glove and bases and general rules very similar to when I was in it, there are a myriad of differences. We had things like scores back then. Call me tyrannical but they were pretty important to us back then. They don’t keep score now. How do you know which team won? Well, it doesn’t really matter because we are all winners. What? Yes, that is exactly how real life is. Oh wait, no it is not. And there is a poor girl on this boy’s team who is identifying herself as a boy. She looks like a girl, plays like a girl, whines like a girl, has body parts like a girl. Really? The boys and I have no problem with her gender confusion at all, she can be whoever she/he wants to be, but golly pick another sport because she/he can’t catch, throw, hit a ball, run well, anything,and well that used to matter to the team. They boys have to pussyfoot around her tender feelings and agenda drama I stead of playing the game. They just want to play ball well and we have a soap opera. Also, coaches can no longer call someone’s insane wild throw what it is. It is all good effort now. Really? Good effort is not throwing the ball to third where no runner is headed instead of to first. That is insanity not a good effort. Baseball is to reflect life. What boss in the universe is going to celebrate your effort if you send the proposal to the wrong company? Hmm? Call me old fashioned but we used to celebrate the heck out of success and when we won it was glorious and we got banana splits for home runs. When no one wins, what is their motivation? Celebrating good efforts and meldrama and mediocrity? Things have changed and I am very concerned about our current state of wussiness. 

A Copy of a Copy of a Copy

I really don’t listen to 9 Inch Nails because I am quite guarded as to the lyrics I allow into my head and am picky about the style of music, etc. Anyway, we were flipping through channels and on Paladia they came on singing this song with the lyrics, “I am a copy of a copy of a copy…”. And nothing else about that song mattered because my mind was going off on a tangent, so off the TV went and here I am thinking it out. Are we just a copy of a copy of a copy? And I think the reality answer is both yes and no. Yes, we are genetic copies of our parents and yes, we all are copies of sorts of our forefathers through that chromosomal line of nuclear information. However, I and you are much much more than the sum of our parts. We are each unique in this way: God used the tools from your mother and father’s cells as the basis for forming us in the womb of our mother and then adds unique abilities and thought processing beginnings and specific gifts of spiritual and/or physical basis. He designs us each just exactly the way He thinks is best for us and His kingdom, where everyone harmoniously has their part to play and work to do for everything to work best. Every person is vital, every person is unique and no gift is unimportant or insignificant by any stretch of the imagination. This is why abortion is horrific, ending a life created not by a mistake or misdeed but on purpose for a purpose. And even if you had/have a “bad” parent on one side does not determine the “fate” or destiny of the child. Genes are building blocks but not the final story and certainly not stronger than the Holy Spirit’s work in the redeemed soul. Each gift is different and a person’s unique gift has absolutely nothing to do with what gift your parents received. We are each different. Even identical twins differ in their spiritual and sometimes physical gifts from God. There is no mistake or hopeless case and on the flip side there is no one person more important than anyone else. We are vastly important individually because of Who created us. We are also incredibly powerful because of His Spirit living inside us when we are saved. And not one single person is more important or more powerful than any other person because we are all made uniquely by God and He is the focus, He is the Creator God, the Great One. When He is lifted up, He is right where He should be and we are all lifted with Him because He is generous and loving. This is truth. End of story.


If something is in stark contrast with something, it is the opposite. We Christ followers should be in stark contrast with the darkness of evil. We are lights and you can’t get much more opposite to darkness than that. We also are salt, which brings out the best in people, in contrast to evil bringing out the worst in people. We are also clay, which is moldable and becomes amazingly brilliant under fire, the opposite of imitation material that falls apart under extreme conditions. We are aliens in this world, just passing through to prove we don’t belong here, as opposed to those who do evil and feel right at home in an evil environment. We are sheep, as opposed to goats. It is profound the way Jesus Christ describes his people as these objects that are blatantly opposite evil’s actions in this world. Is that an accident? Nope! One common denominator is that every scenario He gave us, we are never alone and He is always there loving us and taking care of us. We who are His are no better than anyone else except that having Christ’s free gifts of salvation and the Holy Spirit, we sure are a million times better off in the long run and even now. Yes, the world sees us as crazy or ridiculous, but Jesus said that wisdom of the world is foolishness to Him and visa versa. When I am put down for my faith in Christ as my Savior, I feel proud that I did something right, happy that they noticed the difference, pleased that I took the opportunity to be contrasting and different. Maybe someone will want to be my loving, joyful, peaceful, gentle, kind, good, faithful, self-controlled kind of different too and be saved as a result. Who knows what good you can do when you get your contrast on!