My Take on Modern vs Pre-Modern Feminism

Being a middle-aged (what an ugly word!) woman, who is a Christian, a doctor, a mother, a wife, a pianist, a singer/songwriter, band leader/manager, an artist and a teacher, among other things, I am qualified to speak of “feminism”. In addition, my mom is a pre-modern feminist. She, like most Pre-Modern feminists, believed a woman had rights, like the right to vote, work, hold office, go to school for any profession, manage money, etc. I think most people who support the dignity of human life believe these rights are intrinsically valuable for all people no matter what gender or heritage. Jesus Christ held every person as equal and our country in law has done so since its infancy, despite the upholding of those rights as more recent an event. But I digress.

This new modern feminism, however, is much different. It has mutated from God-given equality to a prideful sort of superiority that rather disgusts rather than insights respect. It has become a right to kill your own baby in your protected womb, the right to put good men down, the right to get a job before a man does just because of gender and not merit, a rage at anything resembling housewives, even if it is theirchoice, etc. It is unnatural and divisive, a tool of the enemy.

We need to get back to swing the pendulum back to a normalcy, a picture of the value of women in the home to manage and nurture, to carry and raise children as designed, to encourage and support our husbands and parents, to foster love and peace in the home, to work at what we do with care and emphasis on improvement.

We are all responsible for the roles God gave us in His wisdom and love. And we will answer to Him how well we performed them. 😄❤

Long Differences

There is a long difference between a scarlet letter and being Hester’s pimp.

There is a long difference between loving someone or something and worshipping them.

There is a long difference between depression and contentment.

There is a long difference between being correct and being loving.

There is a very long distance between lie and truth.

Long differences are worth a study. Where do you fall on the spectrum? Where do you need clarity? If you find yourself always in the gray, the middle of those scenarios and others, you need to examine your heart, read your Bible and pray more. The closer you get to the Lord, the more truth and love seep in and wisdom and maturity develop. And this is beautiful!😄❤

Not Better but Different

There is always two ways of doing anything. One might be better for one person and one might be better for another. I do not frown upon anyone’s different way of doing it for I want the same consideration. (I am not talking about blatant sins like sleeping with someone not married to or killing or worrying and so on- those things are never acceptable as Christians.) As far as teaching or rearing children or cooking or clothing or whatever, judgments need to be withheld to promote diversity and independent thought. Maybe someone’s different way of doing something works brilliantly if tried or is all that works for them. Judging in this way is divisive and divisiveness is cursed in the Bible. We need to accept and love and build each other up and not sit around criticizing like you know the only right way. That is arrogance and harms the kingdom of God. In all that you do, promote unity in the body of Christ, foster acceptance and embrace differences as part of the plan, because it is. Who are you to question God’s design? Who am I to do so? We have a great example of this in Job. And his humility in the end of the rebuke from God directly is our example of how to correct it and make it right. Going through things, just humbly accept and pray about it and I bet you will be through it much faster and rewarded in the end.❤

Design Differences

I am not generally an organized planner. I am a visionary, a visual goal setter and achiever, a big picture the details will work themselves out, stay up late and get things done and then sleep in person. I am married to an organized planner who rises early. What happens is I am criticized and verbally abused for not being an organized planner person who rises early and is immediately ready to function at high cognitive levels. I am berated for being different, wired differently by God for a purpose instead of encouraged to set goals and take care of big picture issues. I am squashed and suppressed for being different instead of encouraged. This limits my ability to be all God wants me to be. I say that not to bash my husband. He thinks he is helping me in his way and I know loves me and means well. The point is that we are all made differently to be able to work together to accomplish things for God, to be constructive and functional. When people are made to think and act like everyone else, not nearly as much can be accomplished. Yes, there is compromise so we can function and get along but there has to be a way to not kill a person’s design and spirit. We are all made to work together, all part of God’s design. 

Differing Perspectives And Peace

We all have different experiences going through life. Many people may have many similarities and yet something will be different about their upbringing. Some people have horrible things they travel through on their life’s journey while some people appear to never run into an ounce of hardship. All of these things make us who we are. I would rather have gone through all that I have gone through and realize who I am now on this journey rather than never have faced pain and still be uncertain if I can. Nonetheless, our experiences make our brains unique and heart unique and thus our perspective of everything is quite different than anyone else’s. There is no “normal”. There is a social stability factor that tells people if you fit into society’s mold or not but every society’s mold is quite different, so that changes also. Coming from such diverse thought patterns and perspectives, it is a wonder we don’t fight more. Oh, that’s right- we do. The thing is it will never get better until we appreciate another person’s journey as different than our own. They may look at an elephant and see it as being gray. You may see it as more of a blue. Instead of fighting over which one is right, why not both appreciate the fact that you are both seeing an elephant, which is a very cool common experience. See the point? The common bonds and creates peace. The differences and pride to be right tears and promotes harm. To create peace, it goes back to respect for the other person and pouring effort into discovering commonalities, like our mutual Creator, for instance, and focusing on that as opposed to forcing your “correct” perspective while focusing on differences. We all have very different perspectives, it is true, but we can still have peace by focusing on what we have in common.