Driving Through Life

Think of living life in Christ as driving down the road. If you focus on the destination ahead, you will get there. If you keep staring at the myriad of buildings, pedestrians, bikes, lakes, trails, etc. (the distractions), you are much more likely to crash and at the least not be as efficient at driving. Drive through life focused on the eternal destination ahead. And God remains your Power Source, Companion, Comforter, Guide, etc. So cool!❤

More than Now

We largely see things in a temporary light. We see what is now. We want now. We feel now. We live for now. Now is what it is all about. However, now is not the only thing. There is a great deal more than now. As we live life, we are happiest if we do what makes us happy at present. But, and that is a very big “but”, there is peace and joy and permanent contentment if we live for now AS IT RELATES TO FOREVER. That is a missing piece of the puzzle in the thinking of friends and people around I speak with. There is an eternity that continues after this brief stint of life is over. There is a forever. There is time we no longer consider time about anymore. There is a continuity of care and presence based on decisions we make in the now. Now is a very important thing, no doubt. But it is not everything unless you have weighed the forever against that now. If not, it is a temporary phenomenon, not worth that much. If eternity is considered, now means a whole different things and focus heightens and brevity sets in and responsibility looms. It is not a bad thing at all, but it is a whole lot more. It is an opportunity to have peace and joy that begins now and continues forever. Presence with God can be now and forever. Now is a decision every day to walk with Jesus Christ, our Savior and Messiah.