Mounting Misery

Now, I believe this mounting misery I and so many of my friends/family are experiencing are spiritual attacks in origin. I believe the enemy is grasping to destroy as many people as possible because his time is short and Jesus’ return and reign is soon. So bad guys are ramping up their game, the enemy is attacking harder, people’s spiritual decisions become more apparent. The problem with this is that we feel it. It is very real for us, not some intangible idea but a very real things are horrible sometimes kind of thing. Sometimes seems unbearable and I cry a lot. Yes, this tower of encouragement and strength weeps like a little girl at the despair, loneliness, attacks, ugliness around me, problems other people are having. It is very hard. So I wanted to encourage you to remember that things are real yes but are guided and orchestrated by a demon or principality of darkness and evil. Willing people are often used by these evil beings as pawns but our fight is truly a spiritual one. So we must fight together and help and lift each other up and band together using our most powerful spiritual weapons: contrition, salvation, prayer, worship, drawing close to God, Bible reading and fellowship. That is it. Problem is the same as the day of the first sin just is more escalated now. Message and solution are the same simple message and solution as ever also. We got this. Do not lose hope or stop fighting. Be strong andolutionnd courageous. Do not be afraid. God has overcome already. Remember that and cling to Him and His promises. I am right here with you and God sure is too. Love you! God is good!!❤❤❤

When the Road Disappears

Let me address the weary wanderer, of which I fall into such category of late. Let me address those moments when the road does not fork or allow rest but simply ceases to be there, drops off entirely. Let me tell you that there are times, seasons such as this when the road becomes missing, either because grief is so great or unrest so great or confusion so great or so many great things as these. For some reason, the mind is overwhelmed, the heart if overfilled and the strength is oversapped. Immediately, while traveling down this road you look and the road has disappeared. It is a moment filled with gripping passions and intense feelings of loss and hopelessness. Sadness and despondency. Confusion and just really really deep pain. Does this make one believe in God less? Is faith at some low point? I say absolutely not. For God is a precious and perfect God of the journey and sometimes the road has to drop out for us to see something. Some thing is put in place of the road. It is not a road at all any longer. Instead, during this times of insecurity, what you need is a great big bear rug to wrap up in. And you look and don’t see a way to go, sometimes you can look again and before you is placed the coziest, warmest, most luxurious bear rug in the world to cuddle up in, warmed by the fire of God’s love and given as a gift to let you know that God’s got you in the midst of this owie, thie traumatic thing. Nothing is bigger than His security, perfect care and loving provision. And your job then is not to figure it out but wrap up in it and take a deep rest, drinking in deep and holding on tight. There is more to life than the road taking you somewhere. Sometimes you just need to be.

What’s the Point?

Frustration embeds the valiant and pure heart. I am reminded of a quote by Mr. Incredible who asked, “Why can’t they just stay saved?” We who care and love God passionately are definitely swimming up stream most of the time. I mean by that that at times, it is very easy to believe you are the absolute only person on the face of the earth that wants to p!ease the Lord more than yourself, even your own spouse can seem against you. Alone, all alone in the pit of despair. The struggle is daily. The road is not only narrow that leads to life and heaven, but is downright squeezing the life out of you. So, as I have often felt this way lately, if you have, then there are two of us. And if we find one more, then there are more of us. And this is what church is. We are in the same seemingly leaking boat. We are not alone. Another with us is our Creator and Designer. He sees everything. He sees everything. He sees everything. For those living for themselves, this is not a good thing. For those of us fighting for truth and purity and love in the purest form from God, we should be encouraged by this. Because why? This life is so brief. I hear about shootings, accidents, health problems, cancers, etc. that can take us out at any time. But that is not all there is. There is an eternity forever afterwards. And God sees us fight and struggle and press on and stand firm and try to help and serve others. He sees these efforts, these struggles. He sees and takes notes for reward day. It is not for nothing. It is worth the struggle because our struggle is not a physical one and the results are much much more important and lasting than these shells we war with. Our plight is seen by the Unseen. Our epic struggle is attended by the Owner of the arena. Our prayers are heard by the God of Heaven’s Armies. We are not alone. We count. Our efforts are blessed by design and rewarded by pursuit.