Spaghetti When you Want Surf and Turf

I love spaghetti, don’t get me wrong, but when your mouth is watering for a beautifully cooked steak and lobster, spaghetti disappoints. You walk into a restaurant eager for that long anticipated meal, could barely concentrate at work, didn’t eat much so you’d be ready for it and BAM, the waitress says they ran out. You can’t have it. Disappointment in life is like that. We want something really badly, want it with all your heart and deep into your soul and circumstances don’t let you have it. Heart breaking. I have a tendency toward impatience. In my maturing process, I am better than I’ve ever been, but that is not saying I am patient. I get lost in my constantly moving brain mixed with impatience and tend to not understand why I can’t have something immediately. If I am going to have it someday, why not now? See the problem? It negates the reality of inevitable change and surprise. You may get to the point you have saved up for and the thing is no longer available because someone else decided to keep it after all. There are things beyond your control, there are minds involved that can change, nothing is sure in this world apart from God. And here is the rub, in following Him, sometimes there are things He does not want you to have for whatever reason. The timing is not right for some hated reason or another. It is hideous but true. But there is always a reason. And. There is hope for the future. God never leaves us without hope. There may come a time when we can finally sink our teeth into our favorite meal and it will be so much better for the anticipation of it. It will be appreciated, taken in slowly and deliberately, it will be praised and enjoyed in a way nothing else could be. That moment would be worth every awful moment of pork and beans or hot dogs or spaghetti along the way, every let down of flavor and/or texture. When it finally co es, if it finally comes, that thing your heart has held worthy will give it a new singing voice. Until then, there is life to be sustained, health to look after, things to do, growth to be had. God knows our hearts but knows what needs to happen first and foremost. He loves and satisfies along all of life’s journey. It is all His idea.