Look, I’m a Doctor

I have a doctorate. I worked hard and long to get it. I do not use my title to promote myself or pump my ego up. I never insist to be called Dr. LaLonde, though I have a right to be called so. The thing is, when I feel the need to speak out on a topic I understand inside and out, I will say it with the full breadth of my authority and education to make that point that may help other people. “Look, I’m a doctor”, I say. I know health, I understand it. I have studied math and sciences to the nth degree, having degrees on degrees and yet am the humblest person I know. Why? Because God gives knowledge, wisdom and understanding, and He can choose to n give all that to someone else if I get too high and mighty on my cloud thinking I am smart. I am blessed and know the difference. I guess in that way, by the grace of God, I know to be humble which makes me smart. No, all that being said, I excelled in debate in school, always won the argument and here is why. You have to know both sides. You cannot determine what is right and healthy without exploring what is wrong based on symptoms and history. You cannot. There is an ignorance in believing what someone told you without requiring the evidence or exausting the other possibilities based upon reputable sources. So when you hear something, even if told you by someone you know or like or are related to, understand that before it becomes a belief, it needs to be checked against the facts and proven. This is against ways true. Do not be a lazy believer. Question, ask, seek, read, pray and truth will present itself to you. Look around, we have plenty of willful ignorance and laziness around us and lots of devisive propogandists attacking America and our American-elected President, lots of people accepting other people’s misinformation as fact and buying what they are selling with smoke and mirrors. Do not be one of those people. Dig, read, pray, think for yourself, decide for yourself. God gave you an invaluable and very intelligent mind. Use it. Research both sides and make an informed decision and stand for it. America needs her people to support her and her freedoms to think. You got this.

Walking in the Dark

Deep moments exist in life in which our journey takes us into the darkness. Sometimes it is a loss of control, a death, an illness, children, spouses, exes, employers, whatever. These moments cause us to feel nothing for a time, sandwiched before and after with pain. Whatever loss or chasm we seemed forced to drop into can be a sticking point, a changing time where we will never be the same once we get out. This change can be for the better or for the worse and it is a very fragile thin line that separates the two. Often it hinges on one decision. Do I trust God through this? Is He enough for me? Or not? And the heart of every epic battle is the decision to face the opponent with truth or arrogance. Right or wrong? And the opponent we fight most is our own pride. Many battles we are fighting are us at war with ourselves, being noncommittal in our hearts about that one question. Is God enough? Do I trust Him with this or myself? Sure our spiritual enemy uses that against us and makes working for ourselves highly alluring, but if you look past his distractions and into the core of your heart, the entirety of the stress of that dark void in battle is that one question. Me or Him? My abilities or the God who made me’s abilities? Which will it be? It is your decision. Every time, every day, every minute, it is your decision. So you have within you the power to be carried out of the chasm by the All Powerful God or wallow in it focused on not all powerful you and bandaid highs and fixes the enemy provides for your distractions and pleasure. And yes, it is really that simple. Choose wisely. Forever is real and might as well start now because you never know when.

How to Quit

You decide concretely and purposely to stop doing something for a reason greater than your own temporary desires and wants. Then pray. It is just that simple. The ego and the enemy make it difficult and seem complicated, and of course you have to have derived some temporary pleasure out of the sinful behavior or you wouldn’t still be doing it. You have to want to please and obey God more than yourself. That is it. God always makes it simple. The hardest thing is taming the ego. You can do it. God can help.

One of Those Days

Some days you do absolutely everything right and your dog still pees on the carpet. Sometimes you obey and have a great behavior day and your daughter still bites her brother. Sometimes you are the perfect Christian all day long as a neighbor cat still uses your garage door as a scratching post. It is just how life is. We may use our self control immaculately but that does not result in everyone else using theirs. That is the difficulty. This is why I look forward to heaven so much. There it is perfect everywhere. Wow. What an amazingly wonderful concept! But for now, we do have a few tools at our disposal. We have the Bible and prayer of course and of course the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit in us. Also, we can decide to breathe in and breathe out, take five if we need it and count the blessings of the day. Even if twelve cars cut you off on your way to work and everything seemed to go terribly wrong all day, the sun still rose and you are still breathing and birds still fly through the sky and God is still in control. We can receive comfort in that knowledge. Chocolate helps too. 🙂

The Mind is Where Your Head Is

Warning, in one of those deep but strange points of view. I want to explore the passions of the mind and its amazing variations on a theme. It has been told me that home is where your heart is. Yes, that is lovely but- let me play devil’s advocate for a moment- is it true? Our mind is infinitely more powerful and busy than our heart can ever hope to be. Our heart’s one function is to pump blood through our bodies and that is even an automatic function. Yes, I understand it is a romantic notion contrived to place love and value on home. Got it. However, the mind has the capacity to take us home, to travel, to dream, to focus on individuals and things, to plan, to mourn, to laugh, to entertain, all with or without us doing anything or being anywhere in particular. For instance, there are reports of poor souls who survived horrific conditions of prisoner of war camps who could not leave a cell for years and often were hurt or made unable to move for days or weeks who came out of it with perfected golf games because they played golf and got better in their minds to mentally get them away from the terror and survive. True story. Other similar circumstanced people went crazy, going through the same thing while focusing on the evils of their situation. I move that victories and survival and joy and peace happen in our minds before they ever become reality. I believe we fight massive spiritual battles in our minds, often unknowingly, and we decide to believe what makes sense physically rather than focus on the spiritual that we cannot handle or visualize. Yes, I am really deep here, but let’s keep exploring this rabbit hole for a minute. Maybe our minds are limited on their function to protect us from information we could not handle. Maybe we really do use all of our brain on the subconscious level and then filter out for ourselves what we can handle as human beings. Maybe the Spirit is perceived by our brain to integrate life enhancing characteristics such as love and peace and joy and patience etc. Maybe as we pray more, we unlock some of the covering and the Holy Spirit’s truth really does start to free us from the lies we tell ourselves to self protect. Maybe God’s Truth from the Bible and His creation we learn and study more and more implants spiritual wisdom and expansion of our minds to unlock more doors to our brain we locked up with lies and compromises. Regardless the link between the spirit world and our physical bodies, it remains determinedly that there is one. Moreover, when we exercise our minds with Spiritual training and discipline of prayer and meditation and Bible study and praise and worship, we change our point of view and way of thinking. It broadens our scope and expands and enlightens our thinking to a greater state and much better way of life results. The battles of right and wrong happen first in our minds. This is why we must be so careful what we put in there and what of that we choose to focus our attention. We must try to be purposeful in our thinking and rein in our thoughts. Then we show God greater honor than we show ourselves, which brings us honor also, consequently.