Just My Daughter & Me

Since the weather did not cooperate with her swimming idea, we went to the movies and saw Aladdin. It was such an enjoyable movie, better than the cartoon, in my opinion. So good. And on the way home we stopped for ice cream. We have needed this time together, just us. She has been making bad decisions lately and so I am determined to spend more dedicated time with her and guide her better. She is searching for how to act better in a more developed body and hormones are going crazy. So, as parents, our role is as guide and leader, present to do so. Punishment rarely works without proper loving guidance and leadership applied. So we cleaned the house and clothes together the last two days and today vacation to the movies. We had a great time and we will continue moving forward together. Praise God!😄❤

Ferris Wheel

My daughter rode the ferris wheel today at Old Town. She had a blast. It goes slow, it soar into the air, it often has its head in the clouds, it goes up and down with grace. It is elegant. It is fun. And I realized it. My daughter is just like a ferris wheel. And I love her so much the more for it. God blessed me with this sweet child.❤

Just a Fun Poem Story

A trickle I see of glorious mud adorning the face of my child.
I wonder at how it has arrived there. I noticed that we were inside.
She looked up at me with big dark brown eyes and smiled a delightful smile.
“So muddy you are, it’s true as could be but you’re still such a beautiful child.
” Let us wipe off your mud and try this again. Mud on your face is so yucky.
“I am not sure how mud came to land there. The day is so lovely and sunny.”
So clean now and new, skin pure as the dew. I went back to work on my sewing.
I look up again, she’s muddy again, so I stood there confused and pondering.
So, off to the sink we go for a clean, now truly I am just truly wondering
“My dear”, I now say, ” Have you played out today? I didn’t hear you go out or come in.”
She smiled up at me with those same gorgeous eyes, long eyelashes batting up and down.
Her reply was void, so growing suspicious, I decided to figure it out.
So this time she left and I followed behind like a spy who must maintain a secret.
I saw her go then to a corner back behind the couch where the children play.
She was then out of view and then a minute or two and I saw her head coming this way.
Quick as a flash my dash landed me back where the sewing awaited my cover.
Then sure enough, my cute smiling girl was back with a muddy face cover.
So, I sent her to wash to buy me some time to go and discover the truth.
Well I surely did, for hidden within that corner was a Baby Ruth!
So, I smelled my child and yep sure enough, the mud was just chocolate goo.
So, I helped her wash and then cleaned up the bar and told her to share with me too.