Light shines brightest because of the stark contrast to darkness. Darkness can get darker and vary in shades, can shapeshift, can destroy in levels or all at once, is tumultuous by nature and unforgiving hopeless. Darkness can change and vary and even disguise itself for a bit with light. But Light does not vary. It is always faithful, always true and relentlessly joyfully hopeful. You can cover it to a degree and pretend it does not stare penetratingly at you from behind the steel you erected but it never changes. Light is pure and distrinctive. It shows everything, uncovers every flaw but washes them out in the next breath. Light is God. Darkness is everyone else. We need God. We need His Light.❤

Then Came the Dawn

The darkest hours in history always preceded the dawn. That is still true. It will be true tomorrow. In many ways, light is gaining ground and yet darkness digs in, refusing to be extinguished without a valiant effort. However, darkness knows full well that it’s time is short. Those benefitting from the darkness will do so for only a short time and then will be imprisoned by it forever. Now is the time to choose light, the winner and champion. For the dawn comes. It always does. It always will. And one day soon it will do so forever. Do not doubt the light of dawn or its power. For darkness runs from it with its tail between its legs. Never doubt it. God is the light and Jesus ushers in the dawn.❤

The Darkness of Separation

There is a darkness deeper in hue than the blackness of night, that delves to greater depths than the ocean floor. There is an emptiness that cannot be ignored, lonelier than Christmas without decoration or company. There is a depression so wide and harrowing that fields of burnt wheat do not adequately represent it. And here is where I was when separated from God. Separation from Him is separation from life itself, for He made it all. And closeness to God is all the light back, peace, joy, life, contentment, comfort. Remember that, my friend. Remember that, me. ❤ 

The State of Things

The state of things is that of moving fast, keeping up, doing this and that, busyness, technology, expectations, societal norms and subsequent societal abnormal demands expected to be adhered to. I do not like the state of things. They feel wrong. They make my skin crawl. Darkness pervades. All before noon. So here I am a ball of misery? Nope. I am the light. I have what these people need. So do we all, all of us lights, those who are saved by Jesus Christ and know His truth, the only truth. We have the truth, the secret to being light in darkness and one day being out of here altogether and in heaven, away from dark forever. Imagine, one day soon we will not have darkness or evil anymore. It will be obliterated. So I can stand it a while longer to share my light. Maybe we can spread the light to more people so we have more company in heaven. Maybe we can share and spread it everywhere to everyone. That would be pretty cool. ❤

Cons & Pros

The subject inadvertently arose today about pros and cons. There is now and always will be good and bad in any and every situation in which you will find yourself. Many times one of those has more going for it, sometimes it is pretty balanced. However, that does not negate the fact that both are always around. Feeling pretty good, you are choosing to focus on the good stuff. If in a funk or depression, you are probably focusing on the bad stuff. Of course that sounds logical in a very feeling friendly world. And as I explore these things, I assure you that I am feeling pretty worthless right now and not a miniscule amount of tears have run down my cheeks. I am currently feeling pretty bad, so I am writing to lift myself up again and in so doing, maybe I can give you a little lift too. So, yes, life often sucks. There is more bad around us than good it seems quite often. There are huge uglies like terrorism, governmental controls, leadership selfishness, corruption everywhere, media puppets and governmental workers working overtime to convince us it is all wonderful, cancer in friends and family, illness in me right now, caretaking complications, children to raise that want your complete attention all the time, constant criticism and censure and immorality from family members, life complications, the list goes on and on. Yes, it exists and is very real and sucks rotten eggs. Got it. But. And this is a big but. There are positives for those of us who are God’s through Jesus Christ. Why? We have hope. We have hope for the future but we also have hope right smack now. This hope is life with God, which depends not on circumstantial goodness but God’s much bigger eternal goodness. He is enormous and enormously good. And every single day, he gives us breath in our lungs, activity in our brain cells, the ability to work, the peace and joy and love in us through His Holy Spirit. It really doesn’t matter how frustrating life is. What matters and what unequivocally has to matter is that God’s enormous goodness is way bigger than all this crap. There is no hope or even proper focus without His help on the other end of our humility. I am not equipped to handle any of this. I can’t continue to pretend that I can. But. Again with the big but. But I am capable of the incredible act of bravery which sends me to my knees and allows me to let God work through me or for me as He chooses. Then. I. Win. Maybe the only place in the world right now or even any time in the future that I can be truly happy is only when on my knees before God but with Him. Even if that were the case forever, the phenomenal Maker of everything we know of who happens to know and love every detail of me would be all that I need. Maybe I need to try to make that all that I want too. He did allow me to decide this for myself. Free will can be my greatest downfall or greatest ally. It is my choice. It is your choice for you too.