Scared of the Dark

My daughter lately is scared of the dark. And no amount of turning lights off and on again and explanations changes her mind. What she needs and wants is me there with her.

We have darkness encroaching. If you have any spiritual sensitivity at all, you feel this increase of darkness. We are making great strides with prayer and worship but the darkness is still there to contend with. And faith is what allows us to know it is ok even in the dark and just knowing God is there eases our anxt. So that is the key, friends. Have faith that God is there as always, just one word or thought away. We never have to fear the dark.❤

In the Dark, Unafraid

My daughter still struggles with the dark. Despite lessons on security, despite reassurance. She struggles with fear of the dark. And I think how silly that is until I realize how real it is for many/most adults too.

I cannot tell you how many of my patients (mostly geriatric) are scared of the unknown, being in the dark. They get a cancer diagnosis and fear rushes in like a cheetah on the hunt. And adults I know are worried (a sweeter way to say afraid) of losing or changing a job or having to move to a new place where they are largely in the dark. People are afraid of not knowing.

I have good news. No need to struggle with fear of the dark or the unknown. You can let go of that fear. How? You simply stop clutching it so tightly and let go of it. Lift it up, visualize yourself lifting it to God. Tell Him you know He is in control, ask for help, and let it go. Things in life are as easy or difficult as you chose for them to be. Life is a series of choices and this is just one of the many. Give up and stop focusing on what you are afraid of. Quit giving it power. Face it with God and His Truth that you have the Holy Spirit, stronger than any force on earth living right inside your heart when you got saved. You have nothing to fear, just a conversation with God to have. No worries. No fears. Reject them both. Know Whose you are. Child of the One True God, all powerful and all loving.❤

One Beam of Light in the Dark

Hope. Hope is light. Hope is God. God is light. When darkness surrounds us, and it is getting darker by the minute, we have another option. We don’t have to follow the distorted rabbit down the rabbit hole. We do not ever have to conform to darkness. If we did, there would be less light in the world and less hope. Hope is light. Hope is God. God is light. In us, we have His light when He saves us through Jesus Christ, our Messiah and Redeemer. That is all the light we need. It takes one beam of light to penetrate and chase off the darkness. That is all. One nugget of God-ness in this dark world and His light shines through us enough to send darkness running. Sure, sometimes it leaves after a swift kick or cursing or mean words or other ugliness, but if we keep our light lit, the point is that it does indeed run. Darkness hates the positivity of Light. Darkness hates hope, hates light, hates God because they are all from God. Our one little Beam is so much stronger than we realize at the moment. It travels far and affects much. From the air, when I am flying, one light on in someone’s house shows up in the night and warms that home with it amidst surrounding darkness. A small house light makes that much of an impact. Never underestimate the immense power of God in you and the hope you have. You radiate much brighter and more meaningfully than you realize. And you can, just by shining all the time, spread your light to others so desperate for it. Light always trumps darkness.

About Two Childhood Homes in Michigan

When people ask, I say I grew up on a crop farm in Buchanan, Michigan. That is true but not the entire story. Truth be told, up until I was 10 years old, we lived in a trailer park on Red Bud Trail Road North in the back row. People didn’t call them “mobile home” parks at that time and truly it would have been too fancy for the place. We were at the farm a lot helping with things on weekends but largely, we were there. There were wonderful neighbors and questionable ones, some were the best of the best and some were pretty scary. In the middle of the park was my true hangout, a huge (seemed like at the time) playground with the tall swings, taller monkey bars (the square steel bar ones), a really high metal slide that mostly gave you butt bruises at the bottom, it was so steep. And free of charge, for no additional money, came plenty of rough and ready children (and I am using the term loosely). And of course, plenty of time for me to practice my boxing skills Daddy taught me because my mom used a huge triangle to ring us when to come home for food and of course rough and ready children think this is a great way thing to tease a child about (once). 🙂 We (my only living sibling, a sister) had bikes, but I was at the playground alone because she never wanted to play. So I would pedal back after I heard the annoying bell and after making sure my pride was intact from the bullies and eat contentedly. Rainy days were hard because my bedroom was small and gloomy because of dark fake wood paneling and one small window. I was every superhero I knew of at some point in that trailer. It was my imagination that saved me from the fate of so many there, some abusive, some abused, most poor, some held down by their own belief that the insults hurled upon them through life were true, but fairly some extraordinary and the most generous souls alive. When Grandpa Batterson died and I was 10 and my Daddy cried for the first time ever, I think, Grandma bought a modular home on the hill of their property and our family moved into the old farmhouse. And that began the best, most hard working childhood I could imagine. From darkness to light the contrast was. From cats only to cats and dogs and guinea pig and fish and hermit crabs because there was plenty of room. All that to say this. When we have lived in a dark place for a long time, the dark looks like it is as light as day, we get used to fighting to get by, we protect ourselves by escaping into our minds, we are always on guard with brief moments of splendor, like when we went to church. But just because your eyes have adjusted to the dark does not make it light. When we move to the light, when God graces us with light, the darkness is revealed and light can start to dispel that darkness in time. We don’t have to be bound to the darkness. I say I am from the farm not from the trailer park. I don’t own that bleak time. I own the light. It is my choice, my decision to change my point of view and focus on what saves and not what crushes. Everyone has that choice in life. Everyone can choose the light.

It’s All in Your Mind

What you think is what guides your activities and actions. If you earnestly believe the Bible, study it and memorize it, your actions will reflect that and you will start to resemble the author a little more each day. Beauty in, beauty out. Goodness in, goodness out. On the flip side, if you feed yourself the opposing messages and corrupt evil lustful messages and movies and songs, you will start to resemble that filth you have allowed into your beliefs. Then you might wonder why it is so hard then to keep from messing up all the time, wonder why you have no peace or joy. The answer seems a little Magoo, a little simplistic and naive but it is the only true wisdom. It is all in the mind. Everything starts with the mind. In the mind can be bad things that happened to you years ago that you incorporated into your beliefs and made a part of you as if you were to blame for the attack. And in the mind, God can speak truth to you in His Word the Bible and teach you forgiveness and lift that same burden and feed you the truth that He loves you without pause and no matter what and wants better for you. Those two opposing mind sets- one a victim and one a victor- will produce completely different behaviors in a person. The mind and beliefs drive us. And what we feed our mind consistently (or sometimes just once) will become a part of your belief system, for better or for worse. The truth is that it is all in our minds. We need to pay attention to that truth and feed our mind accordingly. We get to decide what kind of person we want to be, no matter what our pasts are like. We have that super power from God. We can feed our mind with knowledge, words, media, tech, etc. based on our decision of what we want to be like. There are consequences or rewards for our decision, depending on what you choose, so don’t be surprised about that. The big thing is that we have to be sure we choose on purpose or we will be manipulated by the dark side. And if you choose God, you will have peace and joy, regardless of the circumstances.