Single Seeking Someone, Anyone

Ours is a flawed social culture. It appears outwardly bankrupt and operates upside down from ways of old. We push sex down everyone’s throat, starting from children’s ages on up. Scantilly dressed, porn pushed, easily accessible, virtual girls, airbrushed barely legal girls flaunting everything for whoever wants to look or pay, live chat girls with no decency or modesty, plastic starving Hollywood actresses, and barely dressed models acting all sexy for everything from deodorant and perfume to insurance and candy bars and depends. No imagination at all in marketing, just use the easy go-to that sex sells. And then common girls, we gorgeous but not airbrushed with curves and cellulite (gasp) and who actually eat may happen to be single. I am married, but ma y of my friends are not and I write this for them. And these amazing women, who inadvertantly have watched Hollywood’s version of what romance and relationships ships are “supposed to” look like a little too much, wonder why they can’t meet Mr. Right and why when she does meet him he isn’t so romantic or isn’t for long because he splits as soon as another higher hemmed and more willing skirt walks by. It is because our society, including their views on other people, have a disposable and next best thing mentality that really really sucks. Really sucks. They want everything now and fast and free and new and exciting and better and porn, I’m exists fixes. As soon as something more enticing comes along, drop Mrs. Nice girl and go for the momentary thrill. Girls do it too, I am afraid. It all sucks. Wanting to be with someone, anyone has become vital to some kind of twisted self esteem or feeling accepted like a high school popularity contest. People compromise their morals just to not be alone. And here is the answer. Ready? You are never alone. God walks with you, loves you, longs to be closer to you. And you are His beautiful child, His love. The One who made you knows how incredible you are and He is never wrong. When you walk with Him, you are so much better off than with some stupid thrill seeker entitled narcissistic waste of time who won’t even stick around long enough for the flowers to fade. And when you walk with God, He provides what you need. And if your heart’s desire is to be married, He will send someone great and real to you that is worth waiting for. It will be the right timing for the right reasons. My thoughts…

Beyond The Sea

From my own experiences of traveling to London, Poland and Russia and my husbands’ past experience with a European tour and many missionary friends’ and family members’ experiences in Africa, France, Morocco and China, I can tell you that beyond the sea is a lot different than here on American soil. The consensus is that the enormous continent of Eurasia, or whatever they are calling it these days, feels old and America feels young. Many things there have many hundreds of years attached to them, whereas America itself is only just about 228 years old altogether. Of course the North American continent is a great deal older, but I think the current country on the continent sets the tone for the feel of the place. There is a posterity that arises from rich and long trackable history, a sense of self and worth. However, there is a sense of adventure and discovery and possibility that arises from a relatively younger nation. Both are important and both have their place in this world. As I study history and geography with my children, I feel the smallness of one human being in the scope of things but also equally feel the greatness of the Lord and what He can do through one willing individual. When our roots are centered on Him, He is the posterity, the strength, the rich history because He existed before any of it. So, wherever we are with Him, there is deep roots and amazing creative and reasoning potential. As such, God is the best of both worlds and in Him we do not have to chose between history and youth because He is both and we can tap into both through Him.