Pet Peeve of the Cross

Christians are Christians and have all the promises and rewards and relationship and security that God provides because of the work of Jesus. And yes, His mode of sacrifice was the horrific cross. But instead of the torture He went through for me, I cannot help but wish the symbol of Christianity was an empty tomb, a grave with the stone rolled away. Because if He had died that horrible death for us and stayed dead, it would have been an incomprehensibly nice gesture but have no eternal value or meaning. But He rose from the dead! The resurrection is the power over death once and for all for all of us who accept Him. And some even keep Jesus on the cross! Hard for me to take. Our hope is the resurrection. I will buy a necklace with a pendant not of a cross but of the empty tomb, thank you very much. And I am so very thankful for His resurrection after His sacrificial death. We live and are secure and loved eternally because of Jesus. 😄 ❤ ❤ ❤

God’s Will, Our Will

When what we want lines up with what God wants for our journey, our path lines up with God’s path. It may be rocky and difficult, steep sometimes but it is the same journey and He is there helping us along it. When what we want conflicts with what God wants, our paths cross and a cross is formed for which we will keep walking away from Him.but at any point along the way, we can pick up our cross humbly and realign it with God’s path and are again on the path. And God will always be eager to hear our plea for help and help us. He longs for that, so great is His love for us.