Getting Crafty

Wanna kill about 6 hours? Lol Seriously, my daughter and I spent about 6 hours total (2 Saturday and 4 today) working on these two crafts. The penguin family still needs their wings and feet glued on, but their houses are adorable. (The craft is from Youtube and the houses are plastic bottles.) And we had some good learning and bonding time. God is very good and we have a lovely Christmas memory. Oh how we love celebrating Jesus’ birthday!!❤❤❤

Paper Mache Day!!

I found a crafty way (literally) to joyfully and willingly have some family time tech-free with my kids. We have named it “Paper Mache Day!!” Of course you can say it without the exclamation marks, but really why would you? It is fun! It is a crafty mess. We do it outside and enjoy every minute it of it. And the best thing is that it takes drying overnight and reapplying over several days to do it right. So our fabulous day ends up being several days. It is amazing how memorable time with your family can be when creating things together. Here is all we used: a stack of unread newspapers, a disposable (but reusable for this) aluminum rectangle baking sheet with about 2″ walls, water, glue, plastic drop cloth (old shower curtain works well), and several lightweight plastic containers collected over a couple months (some held grocery items like applesauce or lunch meat or peanut butter, etc.). You mix one quarter white glue and three quarters water (our favorite slimy consistency). Shred the newspapers top to bottom in various thicknesses and drop them into the glue mixture. Then take one sheet strip at a time and wrap it into whatever crazy shape you want. My kids go for the artistic animals and shapes, we’ve even made an alien mask before. I prefer practical pencil and eraser holders. You get the desired places covered and let it dry on the plastic overnight. Reapply for the next several days. The last application works best with white paper, wither copy paper or white construction paper. Why? So you can paint it, of course. Water paint or acrylic paint works best. And wiggly eyes might be necessary or sparkly gems or glitter for my girl. One time, we paper mached a balloon and then popped it. It was really cool. Anyway, what this activity provide us was a tech free quality time together as a family. And what is the big deal? Well, love is time together and electronic free entertainment is beautiful. Creating together is a bonding experience and that is always a wonderful thing! Happy Paper Mache Day!!