Honestly Trumps Dishonesty

There is a myth that men/women rise to power on empty words and hocus pocus jargon. There is no doubt that men aspire to rise to power in this way and many do indeed seem to. However, the delusion they are under is that they do indeed have any power at all or any control at all over anything except that which God allows. What these pathetic souls do not realize is that real power is only from and with God, the power source. Everything else is a deception, a hoax that is believed by those hopeful of respect and admiration and money, riches that only last for one lifetime and are then dispensed to others with the same aspirations. True power is based on truth because God, the power source, is truth. They are synonymous, and the riches created by truth and its partner love last forever and are never give away or stolen or handed down. The reason God let’s these corrupt men/women seem to thrive and succeed in their evil activities can be one of several reasons He tells us I. his Word. One option is that it serves His purpose in some way, to line things up to fulfill prophesy or teach someone a lesson. Another option is that He is allowing everyone their appointed gift of free will. Another is that He knows they will never turn away from evil and is granting them their wishes and desires, knowing this life holds their only reward and they will be punished ever after in the next forever life. The other reason is to break them later so the contrast can possibly have a chance of saving their souls. In the case of the corruption of men/women in power being in the church, sometimes He allows it because His Word is still getting out, despite the motives and more may be lost if the corruption comes to light. There may be other reasons that we are not told about. The fact is that it really doesn’t matter. Our job is not to worry about what other people are doing wrong but to trust God and trust truth and remember that He is really the one in charge. This should remind and equip and encourage us to walk in truth and love and be at peace and joy with all people we can.

Purity, Holiness

If you look for holiness and purity in the Bible, you will find many, many references. There are many, and there is a good reason for that. When God repeats Himself, it is to emphasize that point. When He says things many times, He is screaming the importance of it. Many things are repeated often in Scripture, but to me holiness and purity are becoming beacons of radiant light in an ever increasingly dark world. Why? Darkness has it’s deepest roots in pride and lies. Evil has to have the roots of pride and lies/deceit in order to grow in strength. Holiness and purity are uncorrupted by these things because their basis is humbleness and truth. You cannot be holy and pure as a human being without thinking more of your Creator and His service than you think of your own desires. And you cannot be holy and pure as human beings without God’s truth solidly and securely clung to. If Satan is the father of lies, God is the truth, and that is the way it is. When truth becomes a low priority, evil has a door to enter through. By settling for some innocent lies, you no longer have the resistance to evil and corruption can enter. “Resist the devil, and he will flea from you.” That is our command with a promise. “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” is another. How can you be holy amongst so much corruption, even within the church? The answer is to embrace truth in God’s Word and in prayer and humble yourself, a short cut way of saying to know that God is Gos and His purposes are much more important and longer lasting than our own. To be humble is to know that God designed you purposefully and incredibly with gifts so amazing that our life radiates with thankfulness to Him. “Be holy as I am holy” seems at first to be the most difficult command in the Bible, but I assure you that if you embrace and carry truth with you by reading the Bible and having a running prayer dialogue with the Almighty Father and be thankfully humble before the Lord, you will come as close as we can. Purity is achievable with these ingredients and a fair dosage of the fruits of the Spirit.