New Age Crap

New Age crap sounds good. It will even temporarily make you feel good, great even. The truth about it is that it focuses you on yourself, the opposite focus we should have, which is on God. It is directly opposing God. It is in fact replacing Him OR putting Him in a box inside us, as in we are powerful, we are gods, we are worthy of all our attention and pampering.

Let me be clear, we should love and care for ourselves and work to improve, but that is what we should do for others too AND God should always get center stage, top billing, all the praise, adoration and honor.

God lovingly and with great care and thought and wisdom created every single thing, animal, person we know of in this universe. He is the boss of it. That is true no matter what you believe, feel, want, campaign for, like, love, whatever.

So instead of all that narcissistic self-improvement crap and blather, try some reading your Bible and praying to and worshipping God. He is worthy, we are not.❤❤❤

Proper Perspective

How we view the world and its contents directly impacts our actions and emotions and even our neural connections and physical state. A funny story was told me about a man with a newly broken then surgically corrected leg and on top of that severe allergies. He was bed ridden for the first couple days and so was in bed. He always slept with the window open, but his allergies were worse since surgery and his doctor ordered him to run the air conditioning and keep the windows closed for a few weeks until the pollen count went down. His wife was adamant about complying with doctor’s orders because she wanted him better soon, of course. So despite many pleas and coercions and even manipulations, she would not open the window for him. So, he waited and stayed awake purposefully, convinced he could barely breathe and would be dead by morning if he fell asleep with the stuffy indoors air. Knowing his wife was a very heavy sleeper, once she was sound asleep, he (in the dark now) picked up a paper weight and threw it to break the window open as he couldn’t get up to open the window. He got away with it as his wife barely stirred and he slept soundly with the knowledge of the open window pouring in his needed fresh air. He awoke to an angry wife who inquired as to why he had thrown the paperweight and broken the mirror on the wall next to the window. This long story adequately reveals the truth that what we believe is the truth is much more important to us than what actually is truth. Our perspective dictates our life. So, how do we matchup what we believe, our perspective, with actual truth? The Bible. Isn’t that a pat answer, a little cliche from a narrow minded view point? Maybe, but that does not make it less true. When we read and memorize and pray about and ponder Scripture from the Bible, it is putting truth into our minds. Eventually, we mature enough mentally and spiritually with the help of God to start having the same true and loving perspective the Bible and God ultimately have. Our minds can determine truth from lie before too long. Our perspective becomes compassionate and helpful, ready to serve and wholesome, purity becomes the norm and impurity becomes a hated intruder. Proper perspective is a country that supports things of God and not agendas for personal gain and misguided beliefs. Personally, proper perspective is an easy understanding of right versus wrong and a desire to see the right happen. Proper perspective is caring more about other people’s salvation than what an inconvenience will benefit you. Proper perspective is giving God credit for every good thing that happens to you and realizing and trusting that the bad stuff has a purpose too. Proper perspective is an attitude of worship, a continuous prayer life that added together is the longest conversation you have all day. Proper perspective is loving people and forgiving them and not judging them. Proper perspective will change everything about your life in time and may even change your world.