The Power of Dreaming

Dreaming, exploring possibilities in your mind, thinking out goals visually, is extremely powerful. There was a true story of a Prisoner of War veteran who mentally survived a war camp for 7 years, much of which was spent in solitary confinement. Upon rescue, he was asked how he survived and he replied that he kept visualizing getting better at golf, his favorite hobby. He pictured the swing, the putts, the greens, the sand traps, the air on his face, etc. And upon release, he started playing the best golf game of his life. This is the power of dreaming/visualization. And I had a dream growing up that I have kept mulling for decades over of a cabin in the woods with windows that allow the morning sun to stream in rays onto my bed, coffee in hand basking in the warmth of the light, like a morning kiss from heaven. I am dressed in a sheer white nightgown and the woods are teaming with life and the song of the birds. It is just me and God. That peaceful scene is how I picture heaven and its serenity has calmed my soul in very muddy, dark circumstances. The grimmer the environment, the lighter the soul lifts with the vision. It is powerful and a gift from God to help survive the rough. He is so good!

Healing Laughter

God knew how my life was going to be so He gave me the gift of laughter. Laughter heals. It is a fact. When I have been in horrible situations, I was given the gift from God to find something funny in it. I have been able to laugh at myself and my many accidental catastrophies as well as the situation and use my extremely vivid imagination to imagine other funny things happening in the ugly and serious situation. I love to laugh because it has been a saving grace from God all my life and I needed grace from God for much of it. There are wonderful old shows like I Love Lucy or Dick Van Duke or movies like Princess Bride to start you out if you need help but I have found the best tool is my mind. But whatever it takes, climb on this laughter band wagon. Do not allow anyone to steal your joy. Just refuse them permission to throw off your groove, your happy place. And if anyone wants you to be serious, just say “No. Because you wish it.” And laugh. Laugh until you cry. Laugh until you feel like laughing.Then go from there. 🙂

Tired Sometimes

I have a flaw. Several really. Ok, a lot of flaws. I am too honest and open. The problem is I see that as a good thing but most other people see it as horrible. Truth is, most people hate the truth now because it makes them feel guilty or exposes lies they would much rather believe or their feelings get hurt because so many they have packed around them because they coddled and encouraged them no matter how they acted. No, truth is tough for people to want around them these days. Another flaw is that I know people have flaws too around tend I am very well versed in my own but some I tire of, like unfaithfulness or disloyalty or addictions that come between couples or lies. I have a really hard time coping with these breaches in trust and it is hard for me to take and act like it doesn’t hurt me so much like it does. It is hard, for example, to feel like other naked women are just peachy for your partner or spouse to gawk and get off on on act consistent basis. Like that is good for the relationship. Like everyone should be happy about that. But I have flaws too. So am I expecting perfection when I am not able to deliver perfection and there is the rub. I question myself. Am I judgmental or fair? So, here is my answer. When I don’t know which way is morally right, I should see what the Author of morals says about it in His Book. Is it okay to get off on naked women other than your spouse? Nope. There are a lot of verses on fornication and adultery and not coveting someone else’s wife and stuff. So it is right to be upset about that. Also in there, is it right to judge someone else guilty of sins against you? Nope. Many verses also talk adultery bout not judging and not forgiving. So both are wrong. So, looking at it a different way, what do I do when wronged without becoming wrong myself? The answer is there to forgive and pray. God pays back wrongs and will forgive us the same way we forgive. That is it. It is a practice of letting go. Not trying to control someone else or how little they choose to love you back or understanding their coping mechanism is hurtful to you but makes them feel better for about what fifteen seconds. Obviously I need more work, but it is a start to know that I am flawed and so is everyone else and God is not at all. So when we feel flawed upon or when we have flawed upon someone else, God absolutely needs to be involved. God, I asndollm so sorry for any judgment I have passed onto anyone in my life. Please take this flaw and burden weighing heavily on me and help me be the best person I can be and help this person You and I love in what way they need. Please help me say the right thing at the right time or be quiet when needed and give me comfort and peace and joy. Thank You, mighty, loving and Holy God. And there it is. God bless us all! 

Hostility Cures

So, I am seeing an increase in hostility all around me, especially me, all bottled up inside in a world of narcissists and moralless people who want their way and feel special because they exist. There is no respect for the elderly, no respect for rules in many cases and laws in others, no respect for themselves so they dress like tramps, no honor, no faithfulness, no pride in their work, no real motivation to do much of anything and I wonder if this new generation will have enough few working people to pay for all those who want a free ride. Does not look good at this rate for the future of America, greatest country in the world. I cannot imagine how much worse it is elsewhere with bad people in charge and good people at their mercy in many countries. So, the injustices of the world weighing heavy on our souls, I figure I would try really hard to provide ways to counter this ugly hostility in me and everywhere I see. Must be proactive. I hate politics so decided not to run for President, so I had to be very creative. I hope you find something in this list helpful to you in your search for goodness and peace. Here are some options I thought of:
1. Pray. God is still in charge, despite what those “in charge” think. He has to approve of everything and if he doesn’t, it will catch up to those people. God is still the strongest Being in the universe and still loves us… well most of us. (just kiddingish)
2. Elect people who pray. Those who want to be in charge of masses and won’t admit they need help with that are delusional.
3. Get in shape. Exercise releases endorphins, a natural made in your body feel good drug. This reduces stress of the mind while temporarily causeing brief stress of the body. But the gain is better than the cost (unless you exercise too hard, then you are just nuts, no offense).
4. Fall in love. Love releases endorphins, see above. Love also yields peace because it gives a completion to searches for your missing half, your soul’s life partner.
5. Get a dog. Dogs serve a number of purposes. They are excellent companions, welcome distractions, guards to your home and self,  lower your blood pressure to pet and encourage you to exercise them with exercises you.
6. Punch your pillows. This releases frustration and just feels really good.
7. Great music. Music can change your mood for the better, encourage you, give you hope, feel like home, stimulate your brain, distract you and overall increase your viewpoint on life.
8. Smile. Sometimes little things like kindness or a smile will make all the difference in the world to someone who might be having a bad day that can easily make many people’s moods bad and cause more problems. Smiling is free but can reep great dividends for  its little investment. Make a difference to one person and you make a difference to whoever that person touches also.
9. Shower or bathe. This doesn’t seem like it would help but it involves feeling better physically because you become clean, a great pause in life to play under a waterfall or float in a tiny lake.
10. Read. This shouldn’t be last here because of its importance, but it is for some reason. Reading the Bible for its truth and hope or other inspiring works of great authors changes one’s perspective from self to something else, something better or different or useful.

This is a partial list. I may continue some time I am not so sleepy, perhaps when I am not blogging at 1am after a busy day. And I refrained from mentioning things that feel good for a second but do not really help long term or even much short term or would get you thrown into prison. tee hee. So, here you have some options for those frustrating moments when you just have to do something in response to the sheer crazy (in a bad way) and dark and ugly going on all around us all the time now. I am just one person but I still believe one person can do a lot of good to many if done right and believing that. God helps too when we try to help. Much love to you! 🙂