Design Differences

I am not generally an organized planner. I am a visionary, a visual goal setter and achiever, a big picture the details will work themselves out, stay up late and get things done and then sleep in person. I am married to an organized planner who rises early. What happens is I am criticized and verbally abused for not being an organized planner person who rises early and is immediately ready to function at high cognitive levels. I am berated for being different, wired differently by God for a purpose instead of encouraged to set goals and take care of big picture issues. I am squashed and suppressed for being different instead of encouraged. This limits my ability to be all God wants me to be. I say that not to bash my husband. He thinks he is helping me in his way and I know loves me and means well. The point is that we are all made differently to be able to work together to accomplish things for God, to be constructive and functional. When people are made to think and act like everyone else, not nearly as much can be accomplished. Yes, there is compromise so we can function and get along but there has to be a way to not kill a person’s design and spirit. We are all made to work together, all part of God’s design. 

The Devil is in the Details

I am not by nature organized or detail-oriented. I am a big picture person. This means that I miss a lot. I get the overall view and fully realize it and love it dearly. The details I can overlook so naturally and so easily that I appear flaky or sometimes pretty dumb. However, I must say that I am not bogged down by details. Details are either the death of me (because I miss so much and exasperate my detail-oriented husband) or the life of me (in that the details don’t stress me out or keep me standing in one place). Either way, it is what it is and God made me to be a visionary, big picture person. I have to accept this as okay, for good or bad. Those who would love me would need to do the same. I accept the detail friends and family of mine. True, we see things quite differently and certainly often oppositely. I still love them and hope they return the sentiment. Often seeming to come from opposite planets, we need each other to make it. Detailers need our big picture to not get lost in the trees and big picturers need detailers to keep them grounded. It is how we are cut. God knows what He is doing and together we can accomplish amazing things!!