I Dare You to Go Have a Conversation

Today, I dare you to have three conversations, none of which involve any technology whatsoever. Think about who and what to say and look them in the eye and say it and wait for a response. It doesn’t have to be long but you have to be engaged and smiling. I dare you. ❤

The Power of Conversation

You know, as long as you you aren’t in the habit of over-using words, words have amazing power. Our thoughts and ideas matter and what we say and how we say it, especially when being shared with someone else wanting to converse, hold such enormous power. A conversation can change perspectives, soften hearts, harden them or share ideas meaningfully. It all depends how it is used. A good conversation is time well spent and never underestimate its potential. That is why prayer is so powerful, why relationships can be better, why perspectives can change. These conversations are vital and necessary to growth. Always make room and time for a good conversation. Always beneficial. ❤

Sweet Prayer

The prayers of us Christ followers floats straight up to the Father in Heaven and is sweet incense or perfume to Him. And I am not making this up! The proof of it is found in nature and in Revelations. We get this powerful, terrifying view of battles and evils being unleashed and there is a pause as our prayers are a sweet incense to God. If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend going out into the country somewhere in a clearing and sit down and pray out loud, praising God. If you look around and listen, nature will echo your praise and you will feel the wind and hear the leaves stirring and dancing as your praises rise up to Heaven. Test me and see for yourself. Our words to God matter. People have attempted to give elaborate, written prayers, well rehearsed and well scripted thinking it somehow is more spiritual or meaningful that way, but I am convinced within myself that the more real the prayer and conversational, the better. “Help!” Is a perfectly good and complete prayer. Some great prayers are nothing but praise and admiration for who God is. Some great prayers are all requests for healing in others’ lives or help through financial trouble, etc. But the absolute best perfume to the Lord, I believe with all my heart, is a running g dialogue throughout the day that includes everything in your life, the good and bad and requests and praise, etc. When we are told to pray without ceasing, I really think that was a literal command. He wants us to share everything with Him. That does several things: firstly, it definitely encourages you to stay on the path, secondly, it is worship, a giving of your whole self to the Lord and constant fellowship with Him. Thirdly, it keeps things that rise against you in their proper perspective and aspect. Meaning, what without prayer is a two ton problem, with prayer is a speed bump. Fourthly, it grows you in wisdom and knowledge and understanding and maturity of faith and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I am sure it does other things too, like assist with personal relationships, etc., but I believe these are the main things. Your prayers can be in your head or out loud, as long as they are offered. And God, unlike some think, doesn’t “have better things to do”. He accomplishes His goals and plans, but He is huge enough to be everywhere at once, and if you are important enough that He knows the minutest detail about you as to know the number of hairs on your head, you can bet He cares about the little things too. He created us all, designs each and every one of us and wants to be an integral part of our lives as if we k now this to be true and agree wholeheartedly. People walk around in two different ways (who are not Christ followers) like they created themselves or like they were an accident or mutation of some kind. People of prayer know their Savior to be their Creator. People of prayer fight on their knees with their words, the most powerful weapons or tools we have. People of prayer are not surprised by evil attacks. They know they are coming and Who is really in control of the universe and any minute circumstance or detail in it. People who pray understand the value of being close to their Creator.

The Art of Talking & Being Heard

Ironically, the more you talk, the less you are heard. This is a result, not of boring words but of the listener. If you have to fill the conversation with words all the time, it generally ends up being mostly about you, and there really is only so much a person can handle and process at once. Generally when you are doing most of the talking, you are the extrovert and according to the opposites attract theory, even in friendships, chances are pretty good that the person you are violently attacking with too many words is an introvert. It is no surprise that I am an extrovert and I could talk to anyone anytime about anything. However, age and requested and granted wisdom from God has led me down the road of listening. People listen back with much greater remembrance and fondness when you first let them speak and direct the conversation. To be heard, you must first listen. To be understood, you must first understand. And to be appreciated by the company you share, you must ask questions and talk about the others and not yourself unless in answer to a question. And even then be brief. Why? Because as much as you love sharing about yourself, so do other people and you are not the only person in the room. This is a lesson which took a great time period for me to learn. I have discovered that silence is okay and often gives people the freedom to then speak if they had trepidations about it. Why is this important? Because communication has become a dying art form and many are wondering why their words don’t seem to impact anyone. In fact, you win less than zero lost souls to the Lord, in my experience, by telling them what you believe is wrong and why and every opinion you have ever held about each and every sin committed and why it is horrible and you are right and so on. The way to present the Gospel’s Amazing News to the masses is to be, as in show every day in your life, the extreme and generous love of God to them. If they ask, you can say briefly that such and such a Scripture is your motivation and drop it and let them think about it for a while. You can briefly share a testimony with them but then stop and let it hit home. Ask them something. Jesus was great with the questions. It is good to remember that He is our example for a good reason. He is effective and He is good!