So When I Pray

When I pray, I ask God to forgive any sins I have committed, whether I knew about them or unintentional and I forgive anyone who has sinned against me (just started that because it is happening more now). Then my heart is clean and right and in the proper humble attitude for prayer and I am suddenly transformed into the presence of Almighty God to talk to Him. And this can happen in a formal even or as I am cleaning the house or washing dishes or driving down the road. We are commanded to pray continually, which I take literally. If we are in a humble state of prayer and conversation with our Almighty Father God, we are much more likely to remember that we are always in His presence/vision and act right and say right. So we can talk to God about any and everything. We can praise Him, ask for what we need, love on Him. And we should to stay focused in this ever increasingly bad world. Then we will be ready when He comes back for us. And I am quite frankly looking forward to that. Heaven sounds good right about now. 🙂 ❤  I am sharing this to encourage you to be in an attitude of prayer and continuous running dialogue with your Heavenly Father God. He loves us so very much. Let’s obey Him and make Him pleased with us! ❤☺