Acts 20:24

Acts: 20:24. “However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given meβ€”the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.”

God protects those He loves. Or He doesn’t for a good reason we cannot always see right away. Either way, I am His and will go where He leads me and do whatever I can for Him meanwhile where I am. Happy girl here. I have peace and joy from Him. I feel luxuriously rich!!! πŸ™‚

Contentment in Any Circumstances

Being happy with what you have is enormous. It is the proper perspective and a key to happiness, rooted in joy and peace. Without joy and peace, you will never be content and happy long term, regardless of you current and any future circumstances. And peace and joy only come from God for He is joy and peace. Only the Originator of the forces of joy and peace can bestow these to you. And God is that Originator. So, to have joy and peace, you have to humbly ask God for them (after you have accepted Jesus as your Savior), and He will happily give them to you. It is so simple. Then you have the keys to contentment in any circumstances (and eternal life in heaven so yay!!). And that is priceless. If you are already saved and contentment is a struggle, something in your life is not in line with God’s plan for you and/or you are thinking worldly and not Godly and you can re-adjust and get right and then humbly ask God for peace and joy. He loves giving us whatever we need when we ask Him. He is a good, good Father!! So there you go. Tools for life. Prayer. Who knew! πŸ™‚

Wanting Woes

My kids love getting things. It does not matter in the least whether they need those things or even have them already and never use them or even if it cost them their last penny of allowance. They want. My job as a parent is to train them to be content. Wanting and contentment are diametrically opposed. The closer you get to wanting, the further from contentment and the closer you get to contentment, the further you are from wanting. Yet we will want, won’t we? We are like children crying that we need this toy or that person to play with or this vacation or that new tool or this house or that car. We mourn shallow if we do not get what we want and some people spend their last penny on it regardless of their bills and other financial needs. And then we are surprised when God takes away our things to try to train us to be content. He demands contentment. “I have learned to be content in all circumstances.” This was Paul’s statement. It is our model, our goal. I am close to this point. I had gotten off track for a bit but am back on. Contentment is my goal and things are to be used properly and with right motive and purpose and never to take over life or become idols we celebrate/worship or take our needed money or be a source of jealousy or stumbling block for us or others or what not. God blesses us when we work toward contentment. This is because He knows how rich and beautiful and free life is without the wanting. 

Contentment/Peace/Joy Training #2

Be thankful for every single thing. Say thank you to everyone for everything and mean it. Not sarcastically when so some is truly annoying and ignorant but with meaning and a smile. Why? Because everything is a gift from God. Goodthings and bad things are all gifts from God to reward or give you gifts because He loves us or to mold and shape and retrain us because He loves us. So as we say thank you with a smile, we acknowledge this about God for us and we increase our joy and peace and contentment. How very beautiful!

Contentment/Joy/Peace Strategy #1

Do not want anything. Ask God for what you need only and then leave the rest up to Him. This humbles your heart, gives Him proper respect, releases you from worry and doubt, shows trusting Him. And who knows. He knows what you want already. He may reward your obedience down the line. πŸ™‚