Open-minded vs Tolerent

I have always been an artist. Yes, I play the piano, but I am artist first and pianist second. Yes, I am a writer, but I am an artist first and an author second. What is the difference? There are two differences: 1. I am very passionately creative and

2. I am open-minded.

But whereas I am always open-minded/objective about everything, I am not tolerent about little, absolute about much. How can this be? They are separate things.

Open-minded means leaving all options of how to get there open, pouring resources into every endeavor and bringing it to life. You see the possibilities and any means of accomplishing the passion in creating are available and possibly tools to use to accomplish the task.

Tolerent means you accept anyone else’s version of that expression of creative as equally valid as yours. I accept that they are their version but do not accept them as mine. I allow them the freedom I have to be open-minded and appreciate it but never will accept it as mine. Tolerent says you can change my thing and still make it valid. Maybe, maybe not, depends upon what we are discussing.

As far as my faith, I am open-minded as to how church looks, how to serve, what clothes to wear to services, what songs we sing, where we meet, whatever. However, I will not tolerate a change in the Bible, false doctrines, lies, abuses of power, behavior that harms the Lord’s precious name, etc. And this is healthy, not stiff – necked or judgmental. We must know what is truth and stand for it with a passion but remain flexible in its application for the good of the kingdom.

I welcome discussion. Love you!😄❤

Pondering Singing/Songwriting

I have written literally hundreds of songs, lost count many songs back at 352. All with different melodies, all catchy, though very raw. Ridiculous amount until you realize I am now 45 years of age. I had one boyfriend who wanted to read and read my songs and listened to some. He was the only person. Some I published, some I recorded professionally in CA at Michael C. Ross’ studio, some I played as specials for church, some are still being used by churches for worship, there is one Easter contata, there is one rock ballad, etc. I once thought I was supposed to take these songs and share them myself with the world on stages across the country, concerts, themed evening, praise and worship evening, be a recording artist, etc. I really thought I was supposed to do that. I wondered why else God would entrust these songs to me. All this I call phase 1.

Phase 2 was give up mode after trying to get going on it and never being heard by the snobs in the music industry. They won’t even listen and are so n lazy they want a finished product before even considering a listen. What would I need them for then? And churches not even considering a free concert from a fellow Christian with references that prove my sound doctrine and heart to encourage with truth and so forth. No’s were everywhere, except a few published songs that went nowhere, so I gave up. Maybe I was wrong about being a singer/songwriter. Maybe I sucked at it. Very brief career over.

Phase 3. My songs read like a deep, moving journal, full of hope and pain, truth and phases of life. I believe many of those songs were a gift from God to sort out the worship and praise amidst the pains and horrors of my life. I have been through a heck of a lot – as most of us. But the songs show God working me through the difficulties with an ever repeating theme of how He is worthy and brought me through it thr best way possible. He may have given those songs to me as a live gift to help me put and show me love through healing.

Enter phase 4. Now. The present. I don’t know what if anything will happen with these songs but I am about to play a newer one in church this Sunday and wish to share them as needed. In the meanwhile, I am appreciative for them in my life. They are a loving gift from God for whatever reason He gave them to me and I am very grateful. And I will see where He leads me with them. And I will record in our home studio and play around with them over the summer. You never know what can happen in a day. I am willing to accept no or wait or they were just for therapy or go or whatever thr Lord wants. He is the boss of me. I am willing to obey Him whatever that looks like.

The takeaway: God’s gift to you is for a reason He knows. He may share that with you or may wait until later, maybe even heaven. Don’t worry or fret n or give up. Accept that He knows best and just be ready and willing to obey. God sees the heart. 😄❤

Spring Break

This is the weekend before spring break. There are so many great (and most) free things to do in town here on spring break, there is spring cleaning to do, there is the quilt to finish bordering, and all I want to do is walk the dog, rest and watch movies. How lazy am I? But of course, I will stifle that last bit, take the kids around to some great events, walk the dog (I still get to do that one) and spring clean. And I know if I push through, at the end of it will be a cleaner, easier to function home ready for the rest of the spring semester with my kids. And I am looking forward to that. God is so very good!❤

It Could Be

It could be that they put you down because they see you as way better than they are and, rather than put effort into becoming better, they want you beat down to their level. They, then, become bully cowards who are admitting their own poor worth. I feel sorry for them. If they realized how much Jesus loves them, maybe they would see we are all the same level as created but with different, amazing God-given potential. It could be that Jesus is the change that eliminates bullies and restores health to people. It could be if people accept Him. ❤

Sobering Thought

Today my second cousin passed away. She was a mom of two, husband of one and was only 51 years old. She had beat breast cancer and had been in remission for 7 plus years. All of a sudden, she got sick and it was all over her body and in two weeks she was gone. She was absolutely beautiful with a happy, cheerful disposition. I had hoped to see her again but will have to wait a bit now. It is sobering when someone close to you and close to your age dies. It is not the first time. We are never promised tomorrow, some hypothetical construct. We have today. We must make the most of it with that eternal perspective. We need to be ready and close to Jesus. There is no fear close to Him and no insecurity either. Stay close to God and kiss and love your loved ones as often as possible. Live today. Love today.❤