God Has No Extenuating Circumstances

Things affect us. Some for the better and some unfortunately for the worse. We are finite in a world system hell bent on destroying us. This is just how it is. We saved ones have a home in heaven for eternity but there are a plethora of distractions decidedly fighting for control of our viewpoint and attention.

The really cool thing is that God is far far above all that noise. There are no extenuating circumstances with Him, no contingencies, no distractions. God is the same always no matter what and is so much greater than these things that work feverishly against us. God is the clarity, the truth, the peace, the joy, the love. All that is good and limitlessly consistent and dependable is Him. God is it. If you want a rock, a fortress, a retreat, a cuddle spot, a home, God is it. Jesus (God thr Son) is our way to God thr Father. He is the only door through which to enter the eternal God for He is the bridge from the physical realm to the immortal, eternal realm we will spend eternity in. I want to enter eternity with God who is good rather than any other way. Eternity counts and is far more valuable than the spitting on it we humans do. The enemy does not want people to ponder their eternal life destination or he would lose the lie and we would reject him. God does not use trickery. It is all given to us in His Bible and He lives and deals in truth. God is not changeable n or movable. He is perfect as He is.❤

Meaningful Consistency

As a more (ahem) mature woman now, consistency means more than it ever did. I value consistent friendships, consistent temper, consistent time with God, consistent character, consistent devotion, etc. I was unsettled in my mind pretty much prior to this past Thursday, and now as my mind has settled, I do not want the crazy ride I used to enjoy. I want peace. I want consistency. I want to know that my close people are going to remain that way. I long to retain a close, consistent walk with Jesus. I want to be consistent in my parenting. Consistency has long since been my greatest weakness. “She is excellent but inconsistent” has plagued me and was the truth. My mind was restless so I was too. My mind has been calmed by God. (I am so grateful He keeps fine-tuning me.) As my mind is calm what used to bore me is now desired. I want to be consistent. First time I ever did. So here we go. I will need a lot of practice. Praise God!!! ❤❤❤

God’s Faithfulness

The Lord is faithful.  What do I mean by that?  I mean that when I talk to Him and read His Word, He always reassures my heart.  Sometimes He changes the environment, sometimes He changes the path I’ve been walking down, but always He changes me.  Every time I invest in God, He pours back into me more than I am capable of giving Him.  There is no path you walk down that He cannot alter, direct or protect you from.  It is the same for me.  God is not a respecter of persons.  He does not help me or love me because I am holy.  He does not help you and love you because you are holy.  He helps and loves us because it is His nature.  He is love.  God will always pour into you and I as we give Him the time that is His.  All of it is His.  The more completely we give ourselves to God and His created ones, the more completely we are given peace, love, joy, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control.  It is who He is and we become more like Him as we spend time and energy with Him.  The greatest compliment I could ever hope to be given is that someone no longer sees me in this body but sees Christ in me, the hope of us all.