Amazing What a Good Conversation Will Do

Today I had a great conversation at the park. I was feeling lousy, still inconvenienced with a energy sapping cold, taking the kids (who are well) to play and get some sunshine. So, I was feeling tired and trying to cheer up and get some vitamin D from the sun to improve. And the phone rings and it is an old friend. And nothing profound but just hearing a familiar voice lifts the spirits, somehow. There is a calm about knowing someone is okay, knowing you crossed someone’s mind, knowing you have a connection with someone in the world. Having lost so many people, I understand fully the value in that. I believe God keeps people connected who bless and encourage each other to help us. We must never take this for granted. My heart is at peace and I am fully embracing my joy. ❤❤

Reminiscing with Scenes From Times Past

Walking on a cool, crisp cloudless day, my feet decided a road less traveled with the ticket for this liesurely stroll. i arrived at a little bit of a clearing in the trees lining this rocky dirt road or path rather. Through the break I could see two black eyes looking straight into mine. Maybe 30 feet seperated our bodies but our eyes met and minds explored each other’s motives. Big ears straightened tall and neck extended and we observed each other for quite a few moments until she concluded that I was no threat and continued grazing. A beautiful doe alone and then soon not alone as several others appeared around the cusp of trees that had masked them from me. Fifteen total, a small herd for Michigan, all feasting happily on my dad’s corn. He would not be pleased but I enjoyed these animals and enjoyed more the acceptancee of them as a safe place. Maybe a half hour passed, maybe longer, until my black lab refound me after an exploratory mission and consequently found the deer to chase off. Sheba’s playful antics could not sway me from my present peaceful state of mind at the exchange I just experienced. My mind takes me back to that moment sometimes, where wild ones saw me and knew we were connected somehow and accepted me as safe. Both built by a common Father, it does the sould a world of good to make friends with an animal, many. The more we see and know of the creation, the greater homage and worship we pay the Creator. All this is His. He still rules it. And what is made by Him still knows it is made by HIm. They are keenly aware, and being with them reminds us, we who are faced with more distractions than ever, more lies than ever, we can retain a sample and reminder of that purity, that worship, that humbling of ego and uplifting of uniqueness inn design. We are greater when we make Him greater.

Soul Connections

Tied at the soul. There are a few people you meet in life that fit your being like a glove. Sometimes it is a really good friend, sometimes it is a physical aspect to it, but always it is a love connection. Love comes in many flavors. It can be pure and sweet like a clear brook that sees to the rocks below and loves it adores all of it. It suits you. It is comfortable, home, peaceful together. It also can be a flooding, gushing, turbulent river where you meet and go through that turbulence together and understand each other’s struggle because you can relate to it. Either way, there is a connection of mutual understanding and experience. To know and understand someone really well through these experiences and opportunities is to love them and connect to their souls. Then there is a special beauty where we can be friends that share a connection- a hobby, music, art, carbuerator rebuild ability, similar pasts, whatever- that begins the understanding and it matures through time and experience and realizations of similarities and mutual appreciation. This blossoms to a soul connection that allows communication through feelings and conversations at levels too subtle for most to pick up on. To truly learn someone is a very beautiful thing. And these connection of souls operate at a level deeper than one can see, farther than the bounds of time and distance and never can be severed while life remains and some swear after. This perfect experience is a longing of the soul. We want connectednss, we long for intimacy of the souil with another. If the timing is bad, it is torture. If it can work out, it is bliss. Nothing is better. Except. When God is in both, there is also a spiritual connection. To be connected via spirit and soul is to have perfection here on earth that can weather any storm, cross any obstacle, overcome any hardship, help plow through the undealt forgiveness of the past, support both parties. This is where the most precious and rarest of all earthly pleasure and perfections lie. Here is where the best of us may be found better. This is oursweet spot. God in any connection fosters a stronger connection, produces a greater love, and He can fill in until such a time as both spirit and soul may be connected to another without limits or boundaries. And the sacrifice of some time in patience now will pay off in enormous dividends for eternity later. And if you have been blessed so as to have these connections to another soul and spirit, be so very thankful for it because some go much of tbeir lives searching for such a beautiful thing. Appreciate every day, every minute, breathe thankfulness.