Griping Spirits

The longer I live and the closer I get to the Lord, the more sins He exposes in me so I can get them cleaned up and right/forgiven/confess/repent before I face Him in eternity. It is very kind of Him to show me the error of my ways. And it is humbling. For that I am thankful and truly feel loved. But I wanted to share in case anyone else needs help seeing it in themselves.

I always thought of myself as funny- don’t judge me lol. I also am thr most positive and optimistic person I know. However, in all my “funny”, I have a strong tendency to sarcasm, which is a disguised spirit of griping. Think about it. I have made almost a science of pointing out what was wrong in a flippant but real way and having fun at their expense. I have been a griper. “Venting” is another area I have been guilty of griping and criticising. And I was convicted how guilty I was. And I read in the Bible that God hates this practice. In fact, He had the ground swallow a good chunk of Israelites who were grumbling in the desert after being rescued from slavery in Egypt. That tells me grumbling is sin and is hated by God. And this makes sense because it is the opposite of thankfulness and praise.

So, I have had a major re-adjustment, yet another come to Jesus moment. And I am now working aggressively on a spirit of appreciation and praise, an obedience God will love in me, an act of worship to the precious God who made and saved me. And I am so very thankful to grow and change and see another fault within me to work on for God’s glory. Praise God!!!❤❤❤

The Truth About Complaining

Years of study of the human condition leads me to divulge this key principle to life concerning the topic of complaining. Main things is: no one wants to hear it. If they do, they are maybe wanting to feel better about their own circumstances or want to talk about your complaint with others to paint themselves in higher light or you in lower light. Otherwise, your complaint either confuses them as to how to respond, infuriates the to hear you whine yet again or saddens them. Notice, none of these are good. Complaining sucks. Talking to a trusted friend about things to ask for help or share experiences a healthy alternative to grumbling and complaining. The act of bouncing off ideas to a close and trusted friend is another very good alternative. Another excellent option is to pray and tell God what He already knows but humbly asking for help. He is always and forever there to hear you and love you and help when needed. So, think twice before you ruin someone else’s day just because yours is going poorly. Much more widely respected and enjoyed is the person who sees the good side of things, counting the blessing that are always there rather than those things also always there which cause hostility. Choose positive. It is a choice. The world will be a better place and you will be happier and have more friends because of it. Happy blessing counting! 🙂

The Squeaky Wheel and its Oil

The oil obtained by the squeaky wheel is not as sweet as the pure oil that God blesses us with when we calmly and quietly ask Him for help. I am guilty sometimes of squeaking when I should be prayerful, especially when my emotions are inflamed, so I need the reminder also. If we are too loud about things and get them taken care of to meet our immediate needs or wants, we miss out on the blessing reward from God which would have been much better. One of the most ignorant and annoying sayings I have heard is “I’m gonna get mine.” How foolish and ignorant that is. God gives us infinitely more long term if we patiently wait on Him. He knows everything that happens and everything we need and He owns everything and can make anything. Just something to think about.