I consulted with a patient the other day who told me that he could solve all the social wrongs of the world and fighting and disputes. Intrigued, I asked him his plan. He replied that he would teach everyone that we are all relatives. We all come from the same ancestors, the same two people. There are differences in shades, tones, eye color, skills, body type, personalities, so on but we are all related because of and built by the same stuff. DNA in our genes is our commonality, our source of connectedness. Further, we are divinely made, so our mutual Creator also binds us. And I had to agree with him. In an ideal world where this truth was indeed taken as true and factual, we would be looking out for each other because we are all related. However, until Heaven comes, this world is fear from ideal. I would love it to be ideal but there is this thing called evil. There is an enemy of our God who hates us because we were lovingly made by God. So, we have greed, lust for power, ignorance, unholy lust, selfishness, pride, terror, lawlessness, war. People do not want to let these things go. People want to do evil, ignorantly choosing to believe this world is all there is and not realizing there is an eternity to spend somewhere after human flesh has worn out. We have souls. We have souls that are connected. Some connections feel stronger than others because of commonalities, but all are equally validity truth be told. So, my dear patient was quite right in theory but until we embrace that theory as truth and breathe life into it, we will do fine to have a messed up world constantly in need of God’s grace and hope. And thank God we have both when we ask Him for it!

Differing Perspectives And Peace

We all have different experiences going through life. Many people may have many similarities and yet something will be different about their upbringing. Some people have horrible things they travel through on their life’s journey while some people appear to never run into an ounce of hardship. All of these things make us who we are. I would rather have gone through all that I have gone through and realize who I am now on this journey rather than never have faced pain and still be uncertain if I can. Nonetheless, our experiences make our brains unique and heart unique and thus our perspective of everything is quite different than anyone else’s. There is no “normal”. There is a social stability factor that tells people if you fit into society’s mold or not but every society’s mold is quite different, so that changes also. Coming from such diverse thought patterns and perspectives, it is a wonder we don’t fight more. Oh, that’s right- we do. The thing is it will never get better until we appreciate another person’s journey as different than our own. They may look at an elephant and see it as being gray. You may see it as more of a blue. Instead of fighting over which one is right, why not both appreciate the fact that you are both seeing an elephant, which is a very cool common experience. See the point? The common bonds and creates peace. The differences and pride to be right tears and promotes harm. To create peace, it goes back to respect for the other person and pouring effort into discovering commonalities, like our mutual Creator, for instance, and focusing on that as opposed to forcing your “correct” perspective while focusing on differences. We all have very different perspectives, it is true, but we can still have peace by focusing on what we have in common.