Prayer Awakening

I was awakened at midnight last night and prayed for an hour before I could go back to bed. I am not sure who I was supposed to pray for, so first I prayed my heart was clean before the Lord and for forgiveness of any sin. Then my kids. Then my husband. Then I praised God and thanked Him. Then my family. Then unsaved loved ones. Then anyone unsaved. Then my President and country. And I went back to sleep and slept like a baby the rest of the night.

Christians, pray. Pray like never before. Pray because as a Christian it is not optional or a good idea. Pray is commanded and obedience is important. In fact, if we are commanded to pray, isn’t it a sin not to? Pray to our Heavenly Father God in the name of Jesus Christ. Talk to Him. Worship Him. Love Him back as He loves you so much. Pray. Pray. Pray.❤❤❤

Love Casts Away Fear

God’s love casts away fear. “Do not fear” is written all over the Bible. Commands not to fear are in number 365, so one for every day of the year. That is no accident. There are no accidents or coincidences. Do not fear. God is in control. God loves us. His love cancels fear. God says trust me. Do not fear, trust God. ❤❤❤

The Used vs. The Users

There are certainly people who give and people who take in this world. To some extent, we spend much of our existence going back and forth between the two, but overall some give more than they take, are characterized by giving, those we term “generous”. Then there are those who end up taking more than they give, sometimes a good deal more, and I call them the “takers”. These people have developed a distortion of reality and skewed mindset where they sometimes honestly believe they deserve things. When taken to its natural selfish and narcissistic end, these takers become Alison known as ” users”. People are in their lives to serve them and to be used for what you can get out of them. Many politicians and other high ups of all varieties live with this misguided and illogical thinking. The givers give and end up being the “used” by the users. This seems to be how the world works. This is also how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. My Dad, a farmer and machine repairmen and former Marine, had a saying, “The rich don’t get rich by giving it away”. There have been some great philanthropists throughout the centuries, however, so that blanket statement is not without its flaws. Also, rich people hire poorer people to do their work and as such poor people do benefit inadvertantly. All that detail aside, we are commanded in the Bible to be givers. There is no example of Jesus Christ taking. He gave, even His own life. He commanded us to give. And why? Did He want us to be poor, to be dupes of takers and users? On the contrary, when we give, we are the free ones spiritually. This is why we see so many unhappy takers/users. They get, thinking it will satisfy and make them happy and bring them peace so work diligently for that next taking to find it, constantly chasing after the wind. When givers give unbegrudgingly, you have peace because you are obedient and humble and God always rewards that. Nothing we have is really ours anyway, not even those placing such great value in it. God owns everything! We give and can never out give God and He will give back all you need and life and joy and peace. Better a saved and blessed pauper than a miserable and cursed tycoon. Those who are poor are the rich ones in God’s kingdom. The first now shall be last then and the last now shall be first. There is no arguing that, it is truth. So don’t feel yourself a victim when used because in that situation, you will be blessed and provided for and have the distinct advantage in that situation. Maybe thank them for giving you an opportunity to have greater spiritual riches now and vaster riches in heaven. They will wish they were more like you then.