Prayer Before Reaction

I have started this new thing. Correction, the Holy Spirit has finally been allowed by me to start this new thing. He has given me definitive clarity on this 8 day fast I am on. (I generally fast 24 hours weekly on Eednesdays and have aince September but I was told told fast while my son is away in Honduras on a missions trip and I am obeying.) On day 3 today, something started this decision. I screwed up. I accidentally ruined something of my husband. He is generally very abrasive and passive aggressive for days and does not forgive easily and keeps bringing it up and making me feel like an idiot for weeks/months/years about it. This is generally his reaction when I mess up pretty much anything, and I am clutzy and mess up a lot. Anyway, before I reacted to his tirade after I confessed my really dumb screw up and harm to his possession, I prayed. I prayed to ask God to help him not be so mad and to help him to be able to forgive me. After a few more angry and hostile comments about my disrespecting him and destroying his thing, something amazing happened. 1. I had total peace. I knew I screwed up and had confessed and will make an effort to be much more careful and certainly did not intend to harm it or disrespect him. God gave me peace. And 2. God helped him calm down and try to figure out how to salvage it. He relaxed a bit. Amazing.

And I am thus on a new selfish mission of self-preservation. I will pray before reacting and responding. I did not say a word in response to initial tirade. I humbly prayed in response before I pridefully opened my mouth, which would have made matters worse. I just prayed. Not only does this help everything but also conveys trust in God and faith that He can and will intervene to help me, the little girl He chooses to love. I can draw closer to Him in this relationship. He can maintain peace in me no matter what tempest rages outside these walls of flesh. Praise God who always answers prayer!!!❤❤❤

A Good Word Heard

I heard a good word today from Ravi Zacharias. He said that we have to prioritize our intention of being a personal temple of the Holy Spirit and intention Him to be the body management and live by His rules of behavior and that this intention must supercede our emotions and feelings about it because those are easily manipulated and changed.

Powerful truth! And that truth really spoke to me and I am passing it to you, friend. Maybe living this truth would make your current situation and feelings much better and more consistent and in line with truth and clarity. I wish you blessings and peace today. And as I fast, if you want me to pray for you, comment and I will commit to pray for you today. God bless and love you!😄❤


I don’t believe clarity can come until distractions are put away. Clarity can come in noise or a crowd but rarely does so. Focus has to be reached and in practice in order for clarity to arrive. So what is clarity? Clarity is seeing the truth in its pure, clear meaning and purpose. There is a lack of distortion and confusion, a lack of bias and subjective reasoning. Clarity is the objective, unadulterated realization of pure truth. When we ask God to give us direction, what we are really asking Him is to give us clarity on what we should be doing. And God is the only One who can give this clarity because He is truth. He gives it gladly and lovingly to those humble seekers of Him who ask for it. Clarity is beautiful. It makes clear what was muddled. It makes certain what was speculation or confirms what you believed if you were on the right track. Clarity is a goal and time spent alone with God and in the Bible is generally the best way to receive this gift. ❤

The Search for Clarity

I am a truth seeker. There is little of lies I can tolerate. I cannot even tell myself them. This has been a steady practice since seeing the destruction that results from lies. Of course, these ideals are better understood than practiced. It is very difficult to always speak truth in a world encrypted in lies. It is difficult to always speak truth when it hurts people. It is difficult to always speak truth when it hurts me. I do not try to lie. I detest the practice of it. I detest being lied to. I prefer to be hurt than lied to and be mature enough to give me the option of an appropriate response and give me the faith to agree that I am mature and wise enough to not make the wrong decision. So, in an ideal world truth would about and prosper and be easily attained. As this world is not ideal, the best we can get is clarity for the situation. And what if that is not forth coming? What if clarity is not an option either? And as I contemplated these things, I realized that the owner of the information that may be most helpful has the right to withhold the giving of such information. And the owner may have excellent reasons for doing so or may be a liar. And which is which ironically is only ascertained by the truth. And in place of an explanation or clarification, my overly active brain will commence filling in the blanks with what truths are known and my own experiences. And those experiences may be positive and give the benefit of the doubt or they may be negative and ugly and insert negative and ugly scenarios in place of the clarity that is withheld. The lack of faith in not sharing the information from the owner of it also in of itself serves to cast a negativity that is difficult to overcome because why the information is withheld is added to the mix of missing information and thus is left to interpretation or misinterpretation, again based on experience. So, if a person is wounded and clarity is not provided, the wounded soul will see the missing pieces in a harmful light. And once that sad story has become believed, only and much truth can recover this belief. Unless clarified, the lie or misinterpretation will persist and life will be clouded and murky and confusing and cause sleeplessness and mistrust that threatens intimacy and sharing. So when clarity and truth sharing is your option, be courageous and bold and share it and it may prevent many misinterpretations and evils forming in overly active minds. And if the truth would hurt, it is better to hurt now than later. And if the truth would heal, why would you withold that healing? So, here is my focus of the minute and I wonder how many are in the same boat, seeking clarification and truth. I believe firmly in the power of truth as God is good and truth so truth is good. I long for the truth. One cannot make a good decision based upon a lie or a misconception of your own invention. It is frustrating to need answers and not receive them. The real danger would be when I have given up searching for the clarifications/truth, for then I have given up. How do you have faith in someone who has no faith in you? Truth begats truth. Otherwise, you have manipulations and games, so prevalent in our world. To get deeper, one must give trust and truth in full measure.

On Being Tired

Sleep is one thing. Rest is another. I have found rest in the Lord and comfort and peace and encouragement from His Word, the Bible. I have found confusion and chaos and emotional imbalance and ugliness and evil and divisiveness everywhere else. God is peace and calm. If there is unrest and confusion, that is not God. His message is simple and clear because He wants everyone saved. He wants us to have rest and peace. God wants us to know peace in any circumstance because we know how big and awesome He is. If our Champion is the Creator of everything we know of, and He is, then there is nothing else to be afraid of. He holds us through the good and the bad and loves us unconditionally throughout it all. Resting in Him is the only true peace. I am a testament to this only because God taught me this lesson after a myriad of botched attempts to find peace myself. Tired of losing at it, I gave up and gave God it all and He has given me the reward of peace and clarity. What a fantastic blessing of a gift! I wish it on everyone, even mean and selfish people. Especially mean and selfish people. 🙂