Hustle & Bustle

I can feel excitement around me. I can also feel a whole lot of tension. I can feel it. I can feel the tension of marketers working for their pay demanding we buy this and this cool thing for our kids and every other person on earth. Buy, buy, buy. Spend, spend, spend. Tension of other people buying that garbage and in the mix, “I gotta get that even if I don’t have enough money.” Some people are cool and some are just really tense and like about to blow or knock someone down or something.

And what is my response? How do I stay excited and skip the tense drama maddening otherwise really good people? I say with a smile, “Well, that’s nice” and leave it all to them. You can have it. I am preparing for the celebration of Jesus’ birthday. The whole month is in preparation. I buy ingredients for our homemade cake. I am as generous and thoughtful as I can afford. I teach my kids something but the story every day. I serve people, help them, do things, bearing in mind how much Jesus did for us and does now. So just because someone offers you a plate, you don’t have to eat what is on it. “That’s nice” and walk away to do what you know is right and best. Tension and drama are not accepted and welcomed here. 😄❤

More Christmas Decorating

Here is our third home decorated by us. We have now decorated my Great Aunts Evelyne and Ellen’s home, our home and now my mom’s home. So three homes now have we decorated. But I confess that I had the most fun with this one because my mom never throws any Christmas memory items away and it was setting up all the decorations I grew up with. Some were new, but many were what we had in our home when I was still receiving presents and had big family dinners and parties and all the excitement came rolling on back. What joy!❤

Christmas Excitement

I love Christmas. I mean, I love it like a child in full excitement. Why? So many pretty evil people have done their absolute best to take any mention of Jesus’ birthday out of the Christmas, or sorry “holiday” season, rather lol. Here is my secret… I ignore them. Christmas is not about shopping for our family. It is about celebrating the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ into this world to save us. It is incredible, that singular event. If you cannot get excited about that, there is probably very little joy in your life. I choose joy. I choose celebration. I do not care it is not the actual day. So what? It is the one day (or advent) Christians celebrate the human birth of our God Jesus Christ. It is still a day of corporate worship and celebration. How beautiful and fun! What is better. So what if people mock thr mention of our Lord. Always be aware that those people need our prayers because they are missing the truth in their lives, they are never rejecting us but God. That is sad, I pray for them. Never let them diminish your celebration of the truth of Jesus coming to save us all. This excitement and love should fill your heart to overflowing. Maybe if we let that joy seep out around us we can bring that joy back and truth of Jesus. Enjoy!❤

The Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas and all through the home

It looks like an ambush with wrapping and foam.

The bows how they wandered from gift to the floor

The dishes are all dirty and I keep finding more…

Well, I digress. The day after. The morning after. Here is when the kids are enjoying their presents and I am cleaning. Extensively. At least they are still excited and I am truly happy for our birthday party yesterday. I will keep telling myself, as I wash dishes. Lol And we were told yesterday we have a second grandchild on the way! So, wow! Happy day after Christmas! I hope all is still merry and bright at your house!😄❤