On Celebrating Life

Our daughter turned five years old today. We had a good party day with her and she got her very first bike with training wheels. As she started out riding it, it didn’t come very easily to her. But as she continued resting then trying again, each time it got easier until by the end of the day, she was a genuine biker. Practice makes perfect may be one take home lesson from this but afar more light hearted and fun lesson is just to enjoy celebrating life. We as followers of Christ and His truthful way have the most reasons of everyone to celebrate. We walk around all solemn and holy when we seem rather built to party and dance and sing and celebrate God and His creation, including us. We can not show hope and peace and joy to others that God has given us. Abundance with frowny faces and fingers pointing. Life is amazingly fun a d beautiful and we need to party more. Even in the face of terrible persecution around the world, we must keep celebrating our blessed hope of eternity with our Creator God, all the more as we see the day approaching the world has every reason to be sad but we have every reason to be glad and rejoice! Show it!

Little Realizations

1. There is right and there is wrong. Right and wrong are not relative, but the circumstances in which either has a distinct purpose changes.
2. No one inside a church or outside a church should have supreme authority over people but God, who can handle it.
3. Christians should actually emulate that name or never have the audacity to use it for themselves. We who are followers of Christ should desperately strive to be like Christ or drop the name from their lips. You represent Him in all areas or you gently walk away from it entirely.
4. Struggles come to everyone but they are miniscule in a historical and futuristic perspective when walking with the Lord.
5. We who are in Christ will definitely face persecution because we are the most hated beings on the planet… Not because we do wrong but because our rightness shows clearly the evil all around us and that truth is hated.
6. We are never to compare ourselves with another human for our self worth but to Christ to keep us humble and correct.
7. People wearing the name of Christians should never ever put their own selfish desires above another Christian. It is wrong and contrary to Scripture. Those who persist should refer to number three of this list.
8. Treat each person on the planet as more important than yourself in love and respect. Those who demand respect will never obtain what they seek but those who give respect will be respected.
9. Never let any person’s rude insults change your opinion of who you are in Christ. Never let someone steal your peace and joy because these are things that can never be taken from you, only given.
10. Many people dress up in lamb’s attire which are inwardly ravenous wolves. These people will gain enough false confidence within themselves that their costume will be gradually worn away to show their teeth. These people have little that holds them together and are very dangerous when it all inevitably unravels around them.
11. This life is not ever going to be perfect or even close. That is not it’s purpose. That is the purpose of heaven, the place of reward, for which this messed up world and our response to it earns us admittance. The goal is never the now but the forever after. That matters.
12. God is all that matters. When we start to think we or anything or anyone else matters more than God, we become fools with an idol but no hope.
13. Belief gives hope power to act on our behalf. Belief in salvation through Christ is our only way to hope.
14. Never misunderstand that anything we think we own in this world are not ours but God’s. It is by His grace and will and plan that you are loaned things on this planet, and sometimes those are tests which will be rewarded on the day everyone will bow and realize everything is God’s.