Self-Responsibility for God

For God and His glory, we are responsible for how we live, talk, act and think toward Him, ourselves and others. If I/you claim to be a Christian a follower of Jesus Christ, I/you should live, act and think responsibly for Him. I/you should read the Bible. I/You should pray and fast. I/You should serve others. I/You should give generously. I/You should represent Him. We must get back to this. I mean me. I mean you. I mean the church. ❤

Putting It In God’s Hands Does Not Mean I Do Nothing

Prayer and Bible reading and salvation through Jesus Christ and even fellowship when possible (united we stand) are our greatest tools to stand firm in the face of anything- from the slightest inconvenience to the horrors of wayward children or the lies of mainstream media/ politicians to the deep need to reform the church back to God’s glory and not man’s to the very pits of hell. We have what we need to stand with and for God and be saved. And again, those tools are: salvation through Jesus Christ, prayer, Bible reading and fellowship when possible. And these are active things, they are energy-requiring things, they are purposeful things. And sometimes, when doing these things, the Holy Spirit tells you in your heart to do something else specifically. It may be serve someone who cannot help themselves, it may be to write a politician, it might be to blog, it might be to give money to a church or mission, it might be to tell others these tools so they may be saved, it may be to love someone unlovable or pray specifically for someone. God despises laziness, which is a sin. There are things to do and sometimes our tools are enough at the moment (again salvation through Jesus Christ, prayer, Bible reading and fellowship when possible) and sometimes more specifically is required. There are a lot of hurting people out there we need to consider and be on the lookout to help. This pleases God. Sometimes standing up against evil also includes standing up vocally or in a letter for what is right. Sometimes it means interfering to protect, show love and assist God in saving a soul. True, He can do it alone, but He builds your character and chooses to help others through us. It is His will and I never want to be against His will ever. ❤

Blessings and Curses

I am a follower of God, of Jesus Christ His Son, with the power of His Holy Spirit in me. I am sure of this. It is not up in the air. It is who I am. As such, I was just reminded by a pastor yesterday about what God’s Word says about curses and blessings. And in a nutshell, he reminded me that when God blesses someone, be it an individual or group or whatever, any blessing He gives is guaranteed. There is no question about that. If God promises, He is all powerful and all truth and in charge, and it will happen. You can bank on it all day, all night. For instance, God said He would give the Israellites the land of where who resides? Yes, the Israelites. That is why they are surrounded by enemies and yet they are still there. Why? Because God promised it to them, it is their blessing. God blessed them with that land. So no curse uttered against them (of which there are many) will ever have a single inch of power. Ever. Say next year Iran decides to fire a nuclear weapon at Israel, it will not work. Won’t detinate, will be stopped in time, will not work. Ever. Why? Because God blessed Israel with that land. It is theirs. What God has blessed, no one can curse. Why? Because God is bigger than anyone else, large and in charge. And a blessing or a curse has one thing in common. The person yielding either has to be strong enough to deliver. Someone cannot utter a blessing if they have nothing to give. A parent blesses a child with an inheritance. You have to own it in order to give it. A child cannot bless a parent, they can make them happy, impress them. The only blessing a child can bestow that is his to give a parent is obedience. Same with us. We can only bless God with obedience. He blesses us in every way because He owns everything and rules it all. Someone who curses someone says he/she is powerful enough to cause something bad to happen to you. Who have power greater than God? No one. Balam was hired by Israel’s enemies to curse them. He liked money, so he tried to curse them and praise came out. Tried again and praise came out. Third time, same thing. You cannot curse who God has blessed. You can trick people out of their blessing by luring them into a screwup that separates them from the relationship with God to honor the blessing. But people have to choose to be tricked and decide that in order for it to have any bearing on the blessing. As the relationship stands in tact, there is nothing anyone anywhere can do about cursing what God has blessed. It is a nonissue. May as well blow bubbles at them. Is not going to happen. Do not be afraid if someone curses you and you are in relationship with Him and covered by His blessing of salvation. That blessing protects you from such nonsense. That is all it is at that point. Someone duped by the enemy may choose harm for you but you can discard their powerless rhetoric and go about your day in peace and joy. Knowing is powerful. Do not be fooled. No one stands when God decides something. No one can stand against Him. All bow. Everyone.

Christian Strength

Last night, a prominent conservative political comedian said that because of the persecution against Christians, even in America, the Christians should lay low and zip it. So, with this mindset, evidently, in order to be a Christian you have to disobey the Lord? God said things like, “He that is in you is greater than He who is in the world” and “Go therefore into all nations teaching… And I will be with you always” and “Whoever is ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of him” and “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” and “Blessed are you when men hate you and persecute you and say all kinds of evil against you falsely on account of me for your reward is in heaven.” So, it doesn’t sound like  Christians are supposed to fear this world or men who choose to do evil. It looks a lot more like we are supposed to keep serving the Lord and speaking truth in Love to win souls to Him. Are we to hide? Are Christians to be quiet and never fulfill every Christian’s mandate to share their faith? No. The time of this world’s rule is about up. The time of Christ’s return is close and then we who are faithful will be with Him forever in heaven. That is a very long time. We cannot even begin to get how long that is. If I am persecuted, let it be so. I know what awaits me after this incredibly brief life is over. Are you going to threaten me with heaven? Really? Those who persecute us should be told what awaits them after their incredibly brief life is over.