The Problem With Comfort

The problem with comfort is that it generally yields laziness and lethargy. It gives an unrealistic expectation that comfort will just continue without necessarily working for those things which make you comfortable. I fear for my fellow Americans because they are so comfortable right now. They have grown accustomed to God’s blessings without realizing we have been lazy and have not followed His way of life. We have killed an atrocious and vile number of babies for convenience and irresponsibility and to hide evidence of constant fornication and adultery. We have accepted Homosexuality as normal and even given that lifestyle preferential treatment. We have idolized people in the entertainment industry adultery and plastered our unadulterated attention on promoting our preferred personal on Facebook. We have allowed pornography everywhere adultery did even taught forms of it in sex ed to impressionable kids. We have taken God out of school and children and growing up not knowing right from wrong. Shame on us! We need to pray and fast and repent and call evil out and correct it. And if we do not do these things, how can a holy God keep from judging us guilty? Only His grace and those of us praying holds back His anger from our soil and we Andre seeing it grow thin. Repent. Pray. Fast. God is loving and will forgive you when andrenyone humbly prays and calls on the name of Jesus to be saved, and you will save your soul from judgment now and eternity without Him. Neglect salvation and you certainly will not be saved. It is your choice as it has always been. God is waiting and if we all turn back to Him maybe He will heal our land and save us. Tough words, but I believe God put them on my heart. Please listen to them. Please!❤

Philippians 1:9-10

“This is my prayer for you: that your love will grow more and more; that you will have knowledge and understanding with your love; that you will see the difference between good and bad and will choose the good; that you will be pure and without wrong for the coming of Christ;” – Philippians 1:9 – 10

Innocence Lost

Once upon a time, children could run and play, just enjoy the joys of a game of tag or hide and seek, without regard to the world around or adult life. Of course there have always been some children forced to grow up too soon because of bad parents or bad circumstances, but mostly children were innocent. Now, I had to discuss many grown up things with my not quite 10 year old son because of his questions based on talks with the neighbor kids about things little kids ought not to know. No one is talking about this except an occasional parent I come in contact with. Our children are being robbed of their innocence at earlier ages than they can even understand. Satan is preying on our children because his time is short. Please do not be naive to this as I was. Please protect and safeguard your kids to the best of your ability and much more importantly, teach and guide them to know right from wrong and choose the right. We must be proactive, not just ourselves but on behalf of our children. We must fight for their souls. We must allow them as much childhood as possible to develop normally and properly. It is our jobs as parents to do the best we can. We must have those difficult conversations, we must correct and punish bad behavior, we must encourage and promote good behavior. We must read the truth of the Bible to know ourselves which is black and which is white in this increasingly gray society. We must not become lazy or complaisant. There is too much at stake. We must fight. If we don’t fight for our children, who will? When is enough enough? It must be now. We are losing our children.

When Tides Turn and Heaven Is

Evil seems robust these days. Satan is living wild his last years, trying so hard to take as many people to hell with him as possible when he goes. It will be ugly, he will take many. However, one day soon the tide, she will turn. This tide will turn about as polar opposite as possible. In fact, the tide will turn so hard so fast that it will all happen “in the blink of an eye”. And all of a sudden, we will be living in a world of light and not darkness, love and not hate, worship and not persecution. The world will applaud as Yeshua, Jesus Christ, the Messiah, ascends His rightful throne and the enemy and all He was able to fool and manipulate will be thrown out like the garbage they decided to be and their fun will be over and forever will begin. The tide will turn on all those who thought that any old way leads to heaven. The tide will turn on all those who decided to prosper on the heads of the low and bask in riches on the heads of the poor. Those who decided that bullying to get what they wanted and those who turned other foolish prideful thoughts into actions will be the lowly pathetic ones. As I heard recently, ” If I am wrong, I have wasted my life but if you are wrong, you have wasted eternity”, it will be so. The humbled Christ followers, those who have accepted Christ as their personal Savior, their Messiah, will be save and spend forever with God their Creator in heaven forever. Those who don’t, won’t and it is just that simple. The wars will end. Can you even imagine that? Love will lead us! Can you fathom it? Streets of pure gold, doors of one humongous gem and precious stone each. Can you see it? Worship from sun up to sun down with no actual sun and no night. Wow! Are you seeing this? No murder, no abortions, no pain, no tears, no bullying, no politicians at all, no envy, no hate. I am going to lose my mind thinking of this! I can not imagine who would not want to be in this place!! I started this blog with retribution in mind d for perverted and overpowering government ruling the people to gain power and force evil ideals upon us for their own evil purposes, those who bully and manipulate to get what they want, those who would murder a human being because it is inconvenience t for them to be there, those who punish and blame others for their sins and those who lead others astray. And I in anger want to say that these people will get theirs sooner than they think because vengeance is God’s and He will repay. But when I started speaking of heaven, the glorious land of God our glorious Creator, I can only be joyful and gleefully distracted and become really sad for those poor stupid souls who would choose on purpose a lie that leads to temporary pleasure and perceived power but forever later in hell rather than to go to heaven forever where evil will not be. Good wins. Choose good, choose God. Win with us! You will have peace on earth as a follower of our Messiah Yeshua, Jesus Christ and peace forever more! Wow!

Grapes or Whine?

We are given grapes of trials to ripen our souls. We can eat them happily or at least peacefully, savoring each bite, knowing the health from it will be sweet in time. Or, we can make whine. Whine may seem luxurious and comforting at the onset, but it leaves a bad aftertaste and too much will cause annoyance to others and give you a not so glorious headache. So, I recommend just grabbing and chewing up the grapes of trials as they come to you and treat them as medicine and leave the whine where it lies. You will be through the trial faster and be better for it, stronger, richer. The choice is always yours whether the grapes or the whine. Many, many, many choose the whine. We do not need more whinos in this world. I am reminded of Paul and Silas who were falsely imprisoned. They sang songs and hymns in that jail, choosing the healthy grapes to munch on. And how did they fare? They were a testimony of God’s greatness and did not make whine and annoy everyone. So many people were saved because of their choice. Life is not about us and choosing to whine makes it so. Life and trials often serve a much higher purpose for a reason and as we take our grapes and eat them up, later God will reveal what He was doing there. Sometimes it is to help you or someone else and sometimes it is to set the stage to help you or someone else. Other times, it is just to help foster the kingdom of the way of love and grow it so more of us can go to heaven some day. Only God knows the definitive reason and He is not required to tell us or ask permission. He does tell us it is for good and that He would never give us grapes too hard for us to chew up and swallow. And He has promised to love us and stay with us and come every time we call Him for help. That’s pretty amazing.