Unexpected Charm

When you pay attention, carefully attempt to pay attention and understand what is going on, you sometimes stumble upon unexpected charm. It may be found in an obvious place, like a good friend or older family member, or it may be quite unexpected in nature or in someone new. But charm still exists and still captivates today and has the capability to take you to a whole new place. It is worth watching for and holding out for. It is a place of untouched sweetness and honor and a form of purity that can not be explained away. It is the sensation of stumbling upon a stone cabin with a roaring fire and hot tea waiting by a cozy chair and a good book, all in expectation of you. It is feeling precious after not feeling very appreciated, feeling loved after seeking it, feeling freshness after the rain. It exists, but we must be paying attention or we miss it. Charm must be treated, though, because it can be deceitful or honestly pure, depending on the motives. Be wary yes, but seek it for its ability to lift you from where you are.