High Heels and Other Nonsense

Fashion does not matter to me, character matters. People wear horribly uncomfortable things like nonsensical high heels because it is “fashionable” or popular. Foolishness. It does not matter in the least except that I have rarely seen someone in high heels be able to serve the public or work, they can barely walk around and rarely comfortably. We are meant to develop our moral character and deepen our relationship with God and that translates to loving and serving other people. How can you do that when you can barely walk? Is what is deemed fashionable and thus self-serving more important that serving the Lord? High heels is just one example. I could say the same for being glued to your phone in place of serving the Lord. These shallow, selfish things are distractions and hindrances from spiritual growth and relationship with the Lord. Just saw it again and wanted to put my two cents in. God is and always should be more important to us than the world. And if we lived that, revival would happen. ❤

Character Development

What we struggle with effects our children. I have been healed by God of the crime/sin of anger/rage. God healed it because He is the only One who can do such a thing. But in my pre-healed days, my son picked up on the sin as a coping mechanism. It is brutal because I taught him that. And I know from experience that only God can heal it and my son has to be willing to let Him. He has to humbly ask like I did. And I am praying for that to happen while talking with him about it and praying about it with and without him. But I wanted to caution all you with kids’ eyes on you. They pick up and mimic and adopt our good stuff AND our bad stuff so we need to be careful. God heals though and forgives so there is hope. But just know that. ❤

Choosing the Leader to Follow

Choosing your leader is so very important because leaders lead the people who are so busy working and paying the bills that the energy of leadership is necessarily placed in delegated hands that can commit to it full time. So when we consider what leader to place in that most important position, we certainly must consider the character of the person. The most important thing about a leader is his core beliefs, spiritual and mental. The absolute greatest presidents, for example, of all time were Christians who had served in the military, so we knew they put their money where their mouths were. A leader must be willing to work, to lead, to fight, to win, to avoid fighting where possible, to lead successfully to the battle when necessary, wise enough to know the difference. A leader is merciful but not weak, tolerant but not wishy washy, kind but resolute, for those he or she is leading. Rhetoric is not the hat rack to hang your hat on but character is. Loving God is imperative because the best leaders lean on truth for their decision making.

True Character

We all wear masks to cover what we believe is not right or good about us. We can easily present a beautiful or at least appropriate view of ourselves when everything is rosy and healthy. It is when we are sick or under damage then our true natures are exposed, the masks fall down because we don’t have the where with all or energy to hold them up. I believe this is why we go through trials and illnesses even if we are Christians, even if we have done nothing wrong. We are not on this planet to make millions (obviously, right?) or lift ourselves up or even be happy. We are here to prove our worthiness and determine where we will be for eternity after our brief stint here. Sounds crazy to those who don’t read the Bible, but it is very true nonetheless. So, during this recent illness I have had, I realize that I need to work on my attitude and anger a little. And I love having the opportunity to see that, which I didn’t even realize it. So I am thankful for this illness in that I learned something I can now work on tomorrow when I am healthy again. It is gorgeous how well God knows us and can show that to us, good and bad. I again choose the good, and I think that is half the battle. 🙂