Hard Rock Hotel Gig

Tomorrow, our band plays an oldies rock and roll gig at the Hard Rock Hotel, a black tie thingy. And we look forward to this standing gig every year. And that got me thinking. Last year, I was a different person with different focus and different mindset. We had a different Drummer, no longer with us now. I had Daddy still with us and I was helping in his care so the gig was like a vacation. My husband and I had a strained relationship for all the time I spent caring for dad and his stress over working. The kids were a year younger. This year, I go into the gig differently. My voice is stronger. We have a new Drummer (whose wife is not psycho, thank God, so less stress). Daddy lives in Heaven now. My kids are older. My husband is now retired. His and my relationship is strong now and peaceful. The kids are older. I am stronger and wiser for having gone through all that. And I have to say that this gig is such a vastly better proposition and I am looking forward to it very much. It is always wonderful to play a great event at a beautiful place and now the stress level is way way below market value. And whatever happens in the world, this GS are better internally in me because of God and He is still in charge of everything. And I thank God for the gig and the setting and the peace in my life. I thank God for my family and our life, our country and the ability to still make music.

Changes and New Life

Changes happen. They happen a lot. Sometimes for a little bit these changes are inconvenient or horrifying or some are small. But after prayer, growth and time, these changes are always for the best to grow and change and improve us into a newer, improved life. We are taken by surprise by some of these changes because we have a habit of going about life as if nothing would change. We walk around like we’re incapable of meeting with sudden changes, for good or bad. We take for granted our strength and blow off our fragility. We have both. We are very vulnerable. But we need not live in fear of change, we must set out souls up for the possibility of it and start looking immediately for the good benefit it can produce down the line. That is optimistic flexibility and is essential for a happy life that doesn’t fall apart at every change encountered. And the biggest source of help for this way of thinking is of course God because of both His great love for us and His knowledge and power. When living in prayer, He helps us live unwavering lives despite any changes we encounter. Change is good. It may or may not look good at the time, but I assure you our new life after the change has worn off, if prayerful and optimistically flexible, will be improved and richer.

On Sudden Changes and New Beginnings

Focusing on what we hope for as human beings, what we feel, what emotions we express and flow from, there is a great deal that we believe will make us happy. In time, these things may change because of environmental factors or changing of minds of other parties involved or time or even those emotions. And these changes can be sudden and life altering, in my experience. And for a bit, devastating, because when you put your heart on something and believe in it and it is part of you, when it is suddenly removed, hope disappears for a while and the change feels overwhelming and very difficult to process. But what I have found, also in my experience, is not the corny overused statement that “When God closes a door, He opens a window”. I mean, who wants to jump through a window, and if you even can depends a lot on the size of the window. So ignoring that annoying phrase, I have found that God directs our path. There are no accidents. There are no changes that He does not authorize. He knows everything. He is God, isn’t He? Kind of a prerequisite. So, when there are these sudden, disruptive, hope crushing, heart wrenching changes inflicted upon us, our amazing God of the universe and my life always produces a new beginning. That, He reminds me, is just that phase of life, albeit wonderful and meaningful and feeling, it is always with Him a new beginning. He can give a new hope. One that lifts your spirits back up again, one that builds you back from the blow, one that begins a new phase of worship or service or just life. He provides a new rest for your soul from unrest felt. He provides a new ageless hope of heaven in place of hope on a circumstance or person. He provides joy just after you swore you would never smile or laugh again. God does all that. No one else is God so no one else can do what He does. No one else even wants to. lol So, in the face of a sudden shocking blow, prepare your mind and heart to feel His beckoning you on to a beautiful new beginning. It can only go up from rock bottom. And there is no limit to the up.

Excessive Changes

There are periods of time during one’s life time when nothing happens. Not really, but it seems so. You are at least in a somewhat comfortable routine of life, got a grove, everything in workable but, more importantly, expected order. We may not love these seemingly dull periods of life because we often want more than what we have and as such get restless. But you see, we are not on this earth to maintain a steady flow of nothing. We are here for something. There is a purpose for our lives. Each and every person on the planet was created on purpose to do something. Each was given a unique gift to serve and worship God. We were made for a purpose in God’s kingdom, that supernatural family unit that functions as its own great entity now and into eternity. The whole is greater than its parts. And we have a certain talent or gift to use within that kingdom. So, as followers of Christ in his kingdom, we have a great responsibility to use the gifts given us in fruitful ways. We are blessed in order for us to be able to bless God and others. So, when we get really comfortable, generally we are low on the service vibe and have ceased to be useful to the kingdom of God, our mission in life. So, God allows us excessive changes now and again to wake us up to our place in life. We resist this because we are too distracted and preoccupied with mediocre and worse in the physical realm to realize what is going on in the spiritual realm, the realm that never ends and thus is more important. Excessive changes happen on purpose to humble us and get us in the right frame of mind to realize mundane is not obedience. We must serve and God allows so many changes in our lives for that purpose, sometimes just to get our minds right, often to give us contrast to realize there is more, sometimes to stretch us so we realize we CAN do so much more and prepare us for future work. Change is good. It means God cares and wants fullness and depth and strength of character and place in His kingdom for us. So it is a blessing when we run into changes. We need never fear these changes. Our heavenly Father walks with us through them and teaches us what we need to know when we need to know it. He always knows best and we will be stronger for His glory when the lesson is learned or test passed.

Life Changes in a Woman’s Perspective

Women each have their own experiences, their own timeline, their own battles and struggles, their own way to joy and peace. We all develop and change independent of each other. We all fall in love and marry and carry children and rear them differently, in our own time and ways. We are very different because of these things, and despite how close we are to other women and even with similar large life experiences, we are all on a separate journey. And everyone seems to have a different attitude and perspective on that journey as well. This is a beautiful thing, these differences. We all have beauty of our own based on our outlook and perspective of these events. All have good and bad thrown at them along life every day and each has a different way of seeing and responding to them. Some focus on each one and get stuck while some glide through it all, some worry about every detail and other focus on God’s role in the circumstances. Some are angry often while some seem to never be so. It is quite fascinating and lovely when you have an insight into many individuals. Men have these differences as well, but most men do not have the scope of life changes and accompanying hormone attacks. Women’s hormone change dramatically with the onset of her periods, during each period at some point, during any life stresses, during and after child carrying and childbirth and during the change to stop the periods. It is a old, whacky ride. Despite all the hurdles of life, we also have to moderate these crazy hormones. This either makes us the weakest sex or the strongest, depending on our success rate with juggling, seemingly. Regardless, the changes of our life and our respective reactions and decisions shape our individual character and life story. Each story is individualized and beautiful in its entirety and you need never be ashamed of it. Even if horrible choice have darkened your heart and would, God’s light can easily penetrate that dark spot and bring light from it, as easily as a hot knife through butter. I love to see people’s stories and you should be proud of yours. And if you are not particularly proud of it at this exact moment, be encouraged that this moment is almost over and we have another next and another, and one good decision is all it takes to change the outlook of the next moment. And a chain of these good decisions is all it takes to go from a beautiful life to a beautiful and meaningful and peaceful life. May God hold you along your journey!