Refreshing Rain

People speak of rain like it’s a bad thing. I see it quite differently. Rain is refreshing. It cleans the air. It waters the crops. It provides magnificent contrast to ceaseless sunshine. It forces action. It provides for life sustaining water to drink. It also is quite lovely to listen to. Much the same way, rain spells of trials and unexpected experiences in our lives yield the same potentially positive results. We have the chance to learn and grow from such experiences, we have the ability to appreciate everything for having gone through worse. We are cleaned and purified through these experiences in our lives. We know full well something better is coming in our futures so we can humble ourselves to rise above these challenges and allow refreshing to happen. New growth and life result at the end of it. Sure it is dark and inhospitable at the moment, but every storm ends. Every storm ends. Don’t begrudge the rain. Don’t detest it. Don’t grumble or complain about it. It is an opportunity to improve and grow. The rain will refresh you if you cooperate. Or it can just make you all wet. That choice is yours. 🙂