On Celebrating Small Accomplishments

Celebrate! Celebrate every small thing, in your own life and in your kids’ lives, friends’ lives, family’s lives. Every small accomplishment is so very important and worth a celebration. Why? Because there are fewer and fewer reasons to celebrate in our falling apart sort of world we live in now. There is a lot of ugly. There is a lot of failure and pain and not caring about anything at all and texting instead of speaking and entertainment instead of socialization. And celebrating the small accompllishments is a huge deal and gigantic moment of hope and good memory to build on and remember when things are maybe not as good. For instance, my 5 1/2 year old daughter is now swimming in the deep end without floaties, swimming well. This is huge! We had hot fudge sundaes from McDonalds. A tiny celebration but meant a lot to us and a great memory. When Daddy had a good day, I brought him flowers. A little celebration for a small accomplishment. Just being happy about things is a big deal when so many around us are sad and gloomy. We can choose to focus on these little moments of greatness, what life is all about. Thanking God for these blessings, for He provides them all, every one of them. Proper focus saves lives or at least makes them better. 🙂