Appearances are Often Misleading

Case in point. My distant neighbors had a white tent up that appeared to surround their house. My daughter observed it and asked about it. At first glance, I answered her that we needed to pray for our poor neighbors who must have to have their house fumigated for termites. Later, I discover I was wrong and that the tent was beside their house and was housing their daughter’s wedding reception. Lol How funny. I pictured termites meeting their demise in this tent and here is a new life union instead. And it goes to show that maybe some things we say or do require a greater explanation, many words or very clear and efficient ones. It is often necessary to explain or people will misrepresent us, just as we can easily misunderstand other people. Ask. Explain. Check. Certainly do so before speaking of what you are not certain with others. We seem to have lost the ability or desire to communicate with all this tech and anti-social (a good example of something not as it appears) media and endless entertainment and/or games and chats. We must be careful. It is imperitive.❤

1 Peter 5:8-9

“Control yourselves and be careful! The devil, your enemy, goes around like a roaring lion looking for someone to eat. Refuse to give in to him, by standing strong in your faith. You know that your Christian family all over the world is having the same kinds of suffering.” – 1 Peter 5:8 – 9

The Matter of Judgment

There is a difference between judgment and discernment. As I mature in my faith, I am more certain that we are never to judge anyone for anything but are definitely to discern about a person whether their actions are right or wrong and position ourselves accordingly. I believe, growing up in the church, his is not done well a majority of the time. Why? When we judge others as wrong, we are saying that we are right, thus we immediately set ourselves up for the correct accusation of hypocrisy and looking like an idiot that again failed to realize our own sins and flaws. However, we are equally idiotic if we do not discern right from wrong and lovingly act to bring truth to light and gently love with truth. To judge is to say we are above judgment. To discern with the help of the Holy Spirit is to respond correctly ourselves in the presence of sin or the temptation to sin. We are responsible for our own heart and actions and words. What other people do is their responsibility. The work of bringing a person in sin back to repentance is the Holy Spirit’s/God’s. When we try to do His work, we say we are Him. This is a very scary thing. No one on the planet is saved through someone’s condemnation but only through the humble acceptance of he conviction of the Holy Spirit. This is free will. We have the right to choose. However, we are commanded to speak the truth about Jesus and His salvation in love and love people love people love people. This love is our mandate, and a great many people have loved people into the kingdom of God. When Jesus, our example, walked this earth, He was the only One on the planet worthy of judging anyone about anything and He chose I stead to give us the example of love and compassion and acceptance. He certainly had serious words, though, for those who judged others and set themselves up as better or holier or more important. I believe we need to follow His teachings if we claim His name. Don’t you?

Caution About Company Kept

I have certain people in my life I limit interaction with because of little maybe even unknown or u realized attacks or jabs they take at me regularly. These things matter. If someone always calls you clumsy, you tend to be clumsy around them. If they think and expect good of you, you tend to rise to that. If they expect crazy or bad from you, you tend to fall to that mark. The company we keep matters. We should involve ourselves with encouraging each other. This is what the body of Christ is supposed to look like. It is how we best live and function together. We reach our greatest potential when we are supported in the cause of Christ.

Watch Out for the Smart Ones

The dumb people of this world, bless their hearts, are easy to spot. You just listen for their nonstop opinions on things they know little if anything about. And then there’s the idiotic behavior they exhibit proudly and the moronic and dangerous way they drive. They are easy to avoid or at least recognize so protection against their schemes and slander is easy. The smart ones are much more cunning and clever. This can be a very good thing if harnessed properly but a very horrible thing if not. The smart and quieter ones hide stuff. They keep their secrets and lies mingled. They bottle up their emotions and express their anger or jealously in quiet and patient ways, often calculating and obsessing about it. This smart ones who choose to lie figure our exactly what might work and the lies flow like butter. You never quite know where you stand. Of course this is all working under the assumption that people would actually choose to do things that are wrong, aka sin. You see, in these days, people will be lovers of self, following any whim and desire that pops into their heads, regardless of consequences or how it makes anyone else feel. This appears to be true of everyone (Christian and non-Christian alike) who is not purposefully serving and worshipping and focusing on God. I see it everywhere, in about every home. Even Christian (supposedly) homes, spouses often focus on their own desires rather than serving God and their spouse/family. This should not be. The dumb ones at least warn you of their thoughts by actively revealing them to you. The “smart” ones sneak and peek and say one thing and do whatever they want whenever there is a cover up to be had- which there always is because lies are always in great supply. The enemy, the father of lies, sees to that. So, guard your hearts, dear ones, for the you only can control and know your own. Leave the rest to God and shine in the face of everything else. You are a treasure, no matter what battle you face. You are loved, no matter who treats you unkindly. You are amazing, no matter who treats you as less than amazing.