Standing Up for Children & the Elderly

Children and the elderly need us to defend them, support them. Hopefully the elderly have family to care for them but I have seen plenty who don’t. Hopefully children have loving parents to look out for them but often they don’t either. And sometimes the caregivers are there but are so narcissistic and lost in their own cares and addictions and agenda that children or elderly are not heard or cared for properly. We have a huge problem with end times “lovers of self and lovers of pleasure”. And in order to care for someone else properly, we need to love them which requires a certain amount of self-sacrifice. So, it is of great value to remember that the God who made us is also the God who knows what good or evil we do, who we serve, who we value and will reward or punish us based on those findings, for all eternity. And we have a finite opportunity to produce for ourselves infinite consequences, for better or worse. And children and the elderly who need us is our primary focus and objective. They cannot get through life successfully without our help. We must put them first.❤

Hopeful Examples of Service in Community

Well, I have been working so hard on cleaning up and hauling away our yard and our neighbor’s and mom’s since Irma plowed through that I have not lived up to my visions of helping everyone I had before the storm. Everyone has power around me, thanks be to God and our good power company, so that sort of food help and air and water help is not needed. And everyone is pitching in so much that I can focus on cutting up and hauling away our dilapidated jasmine fence. Anyone wanting very, extremely very healthy jasmine roots, you are welcome to them, by the way. And tomorrow we will do the same. I am so impressed with our city and community and everyone chipping in and helping serve. It is incredible to see. In some towns you see the worst after a disaster, looting, destroying, making worse, but here I see caring, helping, serving, thriving. And this is hope for America to get back to that sort of unity. That is who we are made to be. That is a form of godliness. That is good, beautiful behavior. Love it! Praise God! ❤ 

When People Don’t Hear

I am a doctor of audiology. My job is to help people with their hearing and balance troubles. Most of the people who finally walked through my door came with exasperated spouses or other family members most of the time. I would find out the reason for the problem and give options on how to fix it. Now, it struck me odd at first that so many patients would have the information before them and still deny a problem, causing greater frustration to their loved ones and not doing them a lick of good either. And it came to me this morning that no one will ever decide to hear the facts or admit there is a problem or go about trying to solve said denied problem until THEY are ready to make that decision for themselves. You can not push a rope. There are times in our lives when you want so much to help someone you love. And there are times when you reach a frustration level second to none where you want to shake them and scream let me help you. And that person will just never decide to hear you or care about your love. This is so sad and so personal. We all are experiencing this on some level daily with lost souls or family members. So, what are our options? One is to leave, of course, which is why divorce rates are so high and people are estranged from family members. Another option is to force your way, which many people choose and even more bitterness ensues. The best option and the one I choose is to stay and be a quiet light in their lives. God loves us when we were the ugliest just as much as He does when we clean up very well. And if His Holy Spirit is in us, whatever He shows us how to do, we can also do. He empowers us. We just have to decide that that is that person’s free will right to accept truth or keep screwing up with lies after lies and they may never ever change their mind. However, they might with quiet love beside them and unconditional love around them. And God can help give opportunities and wisdom to say or do the right things at the right times for the right reasons. We must always remember that we are sinners saved by God’s perfect grace and there was a time we didn’t make good choices either. Be patient. Be love.


Leadership can be done four ways, which ironically match the four basic temperaments of most people. One option is the dictator. One is the “buddy” leader (those are complete opposites, by the way). One is the micro-manager. And the last is the star of the show leader. That last guy jokes and laughs and thinks the world should revolve around his greatness and fun-ness. This leader and the “buddy” leader are the least effective because people tend to not take them seriously or respect their authority least. This does not mean personally they fail but that their leadership style is not as effective because they are perceived as not serious (even if they are) or not willingly authoritarian enough to enforce punishments. The dictator is effective but not liked and the micromanager just drives everyone bonkers by being too picky or domineering or not letting people just do their jobs. All of these have pros and con’s individually. All have the capacity to get the job done, but the efficiency which gets it done and the travel time to completion varies per style of leadership. In contrast, most of the really great and effective leaders of this world now and from history are actually a blend or mix of these four, and the more balanced they were in all areas, the more effective they were and the happier those that followed their leadership were. This is a principle called by Jesus “being all things to all people” but still remaining pure in your own beliefs and convictions. So, as in the example of the greatest and most effective Leader of all time, we have a wonderful model to follow. Of course, we are not perfect as He was but we have the power and conviction of the Holy Spirit so we can approximate with His help. Now, this being said, only approximately 10% of people are what people consider “leaders” and the rest follow generally, but I believe that number should be inherently higher for Christ followers because part of our job is leading people to the Lord so He can save them. That being said, the first quality of leadership that Jesus exemplified is noticing people and seeing their motivations. So, discernment mixed with attention to detail is our first goal. Jesus also spoke truth and did not mix words when something needed to be done. So we need truth, clarity and conviction in our leadership. Also, Jesus took the time to pray. Self explanatory and imperative! Jesus met the needs of those following Him. To do this, He saw what they were and walked alongside them to provide those needs. So we can not forget the needs of those following and not be self-absorbed but show we care personally for them. Jesus also taught His followers and did not allow them to be finished with their work before they had completed. So, we need to instruct and not bark orders but also be persistent and consistent with our instructions and expectations. The biggest was that Jesus was compassionate and loving with His people. We need to be so also.