Caregiving Superheroes

Having children later in life and being married to an man with grown children allowed for some strange phenomenon. One is that I have a 4 year old daughter at the same time as a 5 month old granddaughter. Another big one is that I have a young family to care for, a granddaughter to help care for and my parents to care for all at the same time. I am certainly not complaining though, because although I often have to employ my superhero cape and accomplish what I know only God could actually accomplish through me, my children are being trained how to balance things and care for someone. They know their grandparents now very well because of seeing them so much. They are also learning the art of giving back and not just taking. I had thirty years of taking care of myself with yes work and school but also liberties of going to the movies at the spur of the moment or long bubble baths or oil painting or reading. Ahh, just give me a moment of bliss just thinking about all that free time! However, that was then and this is now. Anything done must be scheduled and cleared with those I am caring for. A movie- is that what they still call them?- must be preplanned and with an available and very expensive babysitter (they make a fortune now!). Bubble what? Now, these things are sacrificed, we take one for the team quite often, however, there is One who took one for us a while back and His sacrifice made the world of difference to me and us all. So when we do what is right and sacrifice ourselves a bit for others, we honor Christ who sacrificed Himself for us. We are always working and serving for Him and not really anyone else. If I keep that perspective along with practical disciplines of understanding which is a needed help and which is a lazy help (which I pray for wisdom and understanding to tell the difference), I remain both sane and balanced. However, when I slip from this strict discipline, I very quickly fall out of balance and am a wreck. This tells me that when we discipline ourselves to keep our focus on God and use the wisdom and understanding He gives generously and He will bless by providing strength and balance for every day. He is faithful to reward obedience and does so regularly. And if you are jealous of all my opportunities to serve, your time will come soon or you can adopt someone to care for right now. The blessings will pour into your very busy life if you do! 🙂

The Caring One

No matter who cares or doesn’t care about every aspect of your life, you can rest peacefully and with great joy that the God who made you cares about the minutest detail and the greatest plans and dreams of your life. You are loved and adored and never left alone or unappreciated. You were carefully made by Him and He loves who He made. You were no accident, no matter the circumstances of your birth and you are deeply treasured by the most powerful Being in the entire universe. Thus, you are the richest of human beings, regardless of your earnings and you are the most powerful of human beings, regardless of the position you hold. Never forget who you are and who your Father God is. Do not be afraid of anything and never doubt. You are God’s.

Changing Roles in Familia

I figure I have lived about half my life, barring some unforseen event, and it is long enough to experience a change in my parents so drastic that I am writing about it. When I was young, they took care of me. Now, my Daddy is 77 and needs a lot of care. So my parents just moved close by so I could help. It is a strange thing to see the strongest man I’ve ever known in so many ways be so very weak and needy. I am glad to have him close by to help. My Mom and I are now also in close proximity and the dynamic there has also changed. She is in a place, at 60 years of age, that she needs some help but only on her terms. I think of it as dependent independence. I am just exploring how this will all work, with this pair new to my little tight knit world of our little family of four and am trying to figure out how to caretaker but not lose us. It is a strange quandary and time will tell what it ends up looking like. One thing I know is that I am praying for things I’ve never needed before and going new places on this life journey and God will continue to be God and He will never change in His faithfulness and love and care of me and if I keep Him first in my day and hour and minute, He will keep me and ho!d me and balance me. How do I know this? Because He always has and He doesn’t ever change!

Parenting Purpose

This funny thing happened a couple days ago. Some kids got together and decided to use a baseball bat to destroy our plants out front. They were whimpy kids, so they didn’t cause any real damage, but I notified the sheriff and he gave them a stern talking to. My point was that a little fear of God needs to be inserted into their lives before they grow up thinking they can do anything that pops into their heads. If my kid were doing such a thing, I would want him disciplined. Instead of the two sets of parents involved using the opportunity to teach their kids respect for people’s property or anything like that, they dismissed it and called all 4 witnesses liars. Lesson not supported and not learned and one of us will see those kids later in life doing something worse if it continues unchecked. The moral of this story is this: the purpose of parenting is to bring up God’s designed children that He has entrusted to your care to walk with Him all their lives. These little blessings are not yours really, they are God’s masterpieces, entrusted to us to nurture and teach and bring up in the Lord Jesus Christ’s teachings. Hopefully the teaching sticks and they become healthy, joyful adults some day with maybe a spouse and children of their own that they raise the same way. That is the idea. Is this an unsentimental approach to rearing up your children? By no means. It is very Biblical. Parents often wish to control their children, and our focus should be to train them to control themselves. Kids learn best by example. They will listen to what you say but do what you do. So, this approach to child rearing is actually very hands on and very sentimental because it is a blessing to be a part of another human being’s life and help influence their decisions and thought processes and point them to their Creator. It requires a great deal of energy and thought but the payoff is great when one day we stand before the Lord and He says we did good. Look to that goal for renewed strength and motivation.