Ties that Cannot Be Broken

I used to think this was a real thing: “ties that can never be broken”. Bonded for life. It is a romantic concept, pushed by corrupt Hollywood. Turns out those don’t exist. All ties can be broken. Nothing is fool proof. Every one can be broken. Every single one. This is not a doom and gloom thing but an awareness thing. If you want a bond to stay strong, you have to take care of it. It requires effort on both parties involved. Bonds need to be nurtured, cared for, attended to. You must invest time and maintenance on their upkeep. The tie to everyone or everything requires care to keep them strong. Even our tie to God. Yes, it is innate but we can still break it with our bad choices or refusal to accept Jesus as our Savior. But what sets God apart is His love and generous forgiveness to heal that broken tie the moment we humbly pray to Him for help with it. How beautiful is that! Nurture your bonds and take none for granted for they are valuable and worth every perceived inconvenience. Take care of what God has given you before it is lost. ❤


Our rose bush and periwinkles were at death’s door. I heard a gardener speak of Epsom salt, so I added about a cup to each dying, spindly plant, along with coffee grounds, ground up egg shells and 10-10-6 fertilizer. And here is about 2 weeks later. From one rose and one flower at the end of long legs we get this. And this is proof that grass grows greener where it is cared for. Never give up. And I of course mean this for every aspect of life and not just plants. They are nice and beautiful but so can be your relationships, your walk with God, your music, your work, your hobbies, whatever. Do your best and allow time to do the rest. Do not give up ever!❤

Living Love/Energy

When you have no energy, it is very difficult to show love. Love is service, attention, time, action, sometimes financial. Smiling and sitting with someone takes little energy and praying takes mental and spiritual energy, so that is a huge invisible way to show love. But other than these few huge exceptions, most other ways of showing love require energy. Always, love requires intention and purpose. So my point in these words is that we have to love ourselves and allow God to love us and heal us enough to increase our own energy before we can heap love on other people. And this is our goal. For some people, they want a relationship to heal them. But if you have no energy to contribute to the mutual love, you become a drain, a selfish heal me, serve me, love me better person. And it is as toxic situation for both really. God heals. People cannot do what He does without Him doing it. God loves. People cannot truly love purely and morally without God’s involvement. So, we must be sound peraonally and whole and have energy enough to show love to others before entering a mutual love relationship. Otherwise it does not last. So breath in deep of God’s love and grow strong in His love and care first. Then you have the means to do the work of love and thus worship to God that we are called to do. And I can and treat to this. I had no energy left so stopped most things I was doing and spent much time in prayer and the Bible and with family and supportive friends only. And the last two days brought renewed energy and a strong desire to give back love to those loving me and others who need love. And exercising has given me increased energy also and serves to provide additional health and support so that I may serve love. It is and beautiful system when it works as designed!

Screwing Up and Other Novelties I’m Good At

So, I have this bold and fearless chip in my brain God put there and at first I thought it was in addition to my functioning brain. Apparently that is not the case. It was in exchange for a part of my working brain that tells me maybe not to do something or say something. “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should” rings out in my head a lot lately, especially at Walmart. But I digress. You see, I do and then realize protocol was not followed. Sometimes that matters little. Other times, like several instances of late, it matters a great deal and can cause a considerable amount of damage and harm to pretty much everyone. It is amazing how many instances can never be undone. I love the line in Megamind where the bad guy genius Megamind says sorrowfully that he had looked into a reset button but the science is impossible. It would be beautiful to take things back, undo them, unsay them, do them better, say them better, be more clear. How perfect would that be! But alas, life is much less like a computer and more like an old fashioned typewriter, where mistakes may be covered but you can still see them forever. I am glad God forgives that way, choosing to forgive and forget wrongs when asked. I wish people were more like God in that way. It leaves one feeling like you are constantly having to guard everything, slipping into a ridiculous PC (politically correct not personal computer) rut. So, prevention is cure and I need to guard better how to ensure people are feeling loved in my circle, in my scope of experience and realm of nurturing. It is easy to let one’s guard down or forget other people in the mix of what is happening at the moment unintentionally and screwing up becomes easier sometimes than breathing. But a few moments of reflection prior to committing to a word or action can save much trouble in begging forgiveness. It is a novel thing to forgive. God thought of it first but when it happens here with people it is novel, seems very much like a big deal, like that person is the most generous person in the world where we should all be practicing it every chance we get. More novel is the art of forgetfulness. My daddy has dementia and is bedridden in a nursing home, bless his heart. He forgets and has peace from his forgetfulness. Things don’t plague him like they did, worries don’t bind his mind, troubles bounce off his heart because he has brain induced/illness induced forgetfulness. How peaceful and happy he is most of the time. How free of feeling trapped in his body being unable to get up and do this or that as he used to. He is blissful, thankful to be visited, happy to be fed, loved. It would be delightful to carry a little of that into our minds when we pleased, a selective ability to choose to forget wrongs done against us. What a relief that would be! But until people ask God for that grace for it to become a reality, I will probably continue to screw up and continue earnestly to try not to. And I would hope with all my heart that my people, my tribe would know my heart enough to feel loved and know that my screw ups do not reflect a cessation in love and care but a momentary carelessness I do try not to participate in but that finds me regardless. I love you more not less for putting up with my screwups. Thank you. Please forgive me and please try to forget. I will try to be worthy of this generosity and understanding.

Smiling Graces

A smile is free. A smile can make someone’s day. A smile is a gift that says, “You matter.” Smiling at someone when you are having a bad day can make your day turn in a different direction. It is a wonderful show of God’s love through us. A smile says, “Right now, no matter what is happening to me in my life, I choose to give you the grace of a smile because I have joy from God that you might need right now.” All that encompasses a smile. In stark contrast, not smiling at someone makes you just like every other self-absorbed and distracted person around us. Not smiling says, “I matter so much more than you and my emotions are bigger than my joy so I’m not sharing joy with you.” It is a simple truth. Smiling conveys attention and warmth and it is the better answer every time. You just might save a life by proving with a smile that someone in the world cares. Smiling is nice. Smile. 🙂