A 5-K, Consulting, Ditch Digging, a pool1 & Chicken in One Day

I had a bizarre and pretty exhausting day today. I am certain you are quite interested in it lol. Thank God, I started it off with a fast 5-K walk (my knees told me I cannot jog anymore) and a long prayer with my God, how I love Him! Then came two audiologic consults, reminding me that I am a doctor and can still help people. Then lunch and home for ditch digging and dressing (with concrete and river rocks) continued. Cleaned up from that and headed to the pool with the kids then grabbed chicken for supper on the way home. Had to hit two gas stations for filling up the tank as the first station was out if gas. They are price gouging because of the hurricane (as bad as lawyers, benefitting from people’s terror) and should be penalized for it, but I digress. Then showers and now about to hit the sack. I am wiped out. However, I am still alive and healthy and at peace. You see, when I start the day with the Lord I love so very much who loves me, the whole day is set in the right tempo and peace and joy mix to allow all the things flying at me to not stick. It is like a good prayer life with God is a good grease that the crud flying at us cannot dig into or stick to. The peace and joy and hope remain in tact all day. That is the secret, friends. Even in ugliness and abuses and selfishness surrounding and threats of catastrophes, God holds me closer than I can hold Him and sustains, provides for, loves and nd protects me. It is beautiful. On the busiest days, calm prevails. Beautiful!! Thank you, God! ❤❤❤

Far from Calm Tonight

Up late, something is missing. Peace is missing. Stillness is absent. Calm is not a resident of my mind. There is in its bed an imposter, named unrest. He has taken up residence because of the void in my mind created by a person missing. There is a disconnect now that is like an open wound, a sore spot, a place where once there was and now there is not. Stillness had a bad day and has morphed into chaos in my mind. Something drives me to find peace, a peace that is there under somewhere, the foundation of the mind’s house. That helps but there is so much distraction that clarity is a phantom, here one moment and gone the next. Too many invasive conversations, child rearing, doubt, sadness, teaching, caretaking, disappointing and inadvertently rejecting a close friend without realizing it until too late to act, skepticism, wonder at life, feelings of unimportance, trust in God, lack of trust in people, missing members of the family at practice, technology and its dangers, messing up so many things and so on, the mind roams among the various topics and others. It continues to pace the floors, sure of its footing because of the peace there but still unsure of where to rest its head or how to heal what was damaged. Sorrow, yes that is her name. Sorrow moved in without permission and laid down her head for the night. Sorrow came in response to watching my fading father, wounding a very dear and loved friend, missing a family member at practice, and inadequacy in so many areas. I am strong for so many people. I am strong for no one. I feel depleted. Yes, sadness crept in. Depression is threatening to enter as well. But no, there are too many here already. Uninvited guests responding to real problems. I must kick them out of this house so rest and stillness and calm can return and dwell here. I reach for the only tools and comfort I have. My friend cannot be here for me and maybe wouldn’t want to. So I get out the Book of comfort. I read Psalms where David cried out to God for help with sadness. I figure it is the only Person in my life I have access to right now. I need arms and understanding and forgiveness and have two of those from God. No one else offers right now, deep into the night. No one else is here in this room or awake in the house but me and God. So I will fall into His love. I rest in Him. I ask Him and He kicks out the unwanted guests. As I focus on and converse with God, the frightened guests slip out unnoticed one by one. And God calls back in my normal residents.

The Threat of Heaven

A story is told about the great preacher Dwight L. Moody, who once picked up a hitchhiker, as he had done so many times before. This particular time, however, the hitchhiker pulled out a gun and commanded that Mr. Moody pull over the car. Moody reportedly drove on peacefully. The gunman repeated his demand with the gun closer to Moody. Evidently, calmly Moody asked him, “Please, are you threatening me with Heaven?” I love that story and have no idea how it turned out, but it gives us a proper perspective on life, doesn’t it? “What can men do to me?” is another verse in the Bible. They can hurt us, damage our stuff, take our things, even mess with our lives, but they can never separate us from God and our salvation through Jesus Christ, the Messiah. No one but God can take what belongs to God and He loves us. In Him is our hope. Don’t look for hope or encouragement or happiness from this world. It is not something it can offer in any lasting, true and meaningful way. Our hope is in God and salvation through Jesus Christ, Yeshua, and it comes with an amazing eternity in Heaven with Him. I will rest in that. There is my peace, no matter the storm thundering around me.

On Being Tired

Sleep is one thing. Rest is another. I have found rest in the Lord and comfort and peace and encouragement from His Word, the Bible. I have found confusion and chaos and emotional imbalance and ugliness and evil and divisiveness everywhere else. God is peace and calm. If there is unrest and confusion, that is not God. His message is simple and clear because He wants everyone saved. He wants us to have rest and peace. God wants us to know peace in any circumstance because we know how big and awesome He is. If our Champion is the Creator of everything we know of, and He is, then there is nothing else to be afraid of. He holds us through the good and the bad and loves us unconditionally throughout it all. Resting in Him is the only true peace. I am a testament to this only because God taught me this lesson after a myriad of botched attempts to find peace myself. Tired of losing at it, I gave up and gave God it all and He has given me the reward of peace and clarity. What a fantastic blessing of a gift! I wish it on everyone, even mean and selfish people. Especially mean and selfish people. 🙂

The Touch of God

Although God is Spirit, He touches us. Sometimes through a friend, sometimes through a stranger, sometimes through family. The touch of God is often very soft and gentle and we feel Him best when we are quietest and alone. His breathe fits in His reserved parking spot of our heart and gives us fullness and peace. He carries us in His arms when we are weak or puts strength into us when we can’t go on another step. And sometimes He warms our hearts with an unexpected communication with someone who loves us despite all odds. The end result is always the same… calm and peace and loving goodness. You can be sure that God provides exactly what you need exactly when you need it, even sometimes you don’t ask Him. That is how fabulous He is. May He touch you with His peace right now and warm your heart. 🙂