Calling in Life

God designs each of us and build in an understanding of Him and a particular gift in the form of a talent. Some talents are obvious, like the talent for leadership or being on stage with some musical ability. The more subtle talents are harder for people to pick out. They can include encouragement, hopefulness, support, helping, design, engineering, mechanical prowess, financial prowess, cleaning, teaching, etc. You find out what you main talent is that God built into you by reading the Bible, praying, listening to the Holy Spirit and trying new things. If you try something you’ve always wanted to try, give it a couple of times because it may just take practice. Even if we have a great talent for something, it is impractical to expect it to be polished out of the box. It most often requires development. If you really want to do something, chances are that is instilled in you by your Creator and is the best for for you. If you try to do someone else’s gifting because it seems more exciting, your motivation is bad and will blind you to your true gifting which may end up much more spectacular on you than a poor imitation fit. Our calling in life is to worship God, our Creator, through the talents He has given you. It is just that simple. We can try to make it complicated but it just isn’t. When we pursue our talents passionately, He always is happy with that obedience and honor of His gift for you. What I mean is that passion for obedience trumps perfection every single time. God will bless you heartily as you do His will (obey). So, just to reiterate your purpose/calling in life is to worship God your Creator by obeying and passionately pursuing the talent He placed within you. This is it. There is no magic incantations or secret revelations that can only be unlocked through hours of meditation and visitation to spiritual sites. God makes it really simple for us. We complicate things or others do if they have an agenda for us. Knowing what we are here for and doing it frees us from distractions that would pull us to bits and yield great hardships and confusion. We are called to work together for good using the tools He built into us. There is no unimportant talent and no more important. You and your talent are unique and absolutely beautiful and perfect just how God made you to be.

Super Dads

Whether out playing catch with your kids or frowning at bad report cards, I salute you amazing Dads who work tirelessly (or seemingly so) to provide for your wife and children! I salute my Daddy, ex-Marine, farmer and machine repairman! You took such great care of us, working so very hard all the time! Your integrity always showed in your honesty and work ethic and I love you. My own husband and Dad to my kids, I love you dearly and respect how hard you work to take good care of us. You center and balance me brilliantly and I love the beautiful journey we are on together. To the other Dads in my life and in my world that give rather than take, that build rather than tear down and that love rather than hurt, I salute you and thank you for your service to God, family, country and world. When you are the man of God He intends you to be, everyone in your path is blessed and uplifted. We know full well there are plenty of Dads out there that are falling quite short of their high calling, and it might be easy to join them and live that selfish life. Because you are accepting God’s high calling on your lives, we salute you on this Father’s Day and give you love! We cherish and respect you for your willingness to obey the Lord and as such show us His love and provision. Please keep it up and we will gladly continue respecting and loving you back! Keep the faith, Super Dad!