Back to Normal Life

Busy moments are mostly behind us now and I am gradually catching up on chores and getting back to full days of school and house cleaning and groceries. There certainly are a lot of “normal” duties this housewife handles. Thank God for watering my garden for me as the poor neglected plants would have looked their neglect if it weren’t for God who sent rain and cared for them. A little weeding and we’ll be back on track there. And I caught up on great blogs I had missed… thankfully they were in print and saved for me to catch up on.

These were busy 2 weeks. That was an understatement. I ignored all tech and my phone for days, just did life and birthday parties (that I make a lot of) and dinners and meetings, some consults, starting the Christmas songs with the kids at church (making me the kids choir director now), pe coaching, missionary meeting in Avon Park, Busch Gardens, homemade pies and cakes for birthdays, sticking to my diet so cooking separately for my meals, baseball games, fasting and prayer, all so hectic and crazy.

And the biggest take – away from busy times in life is this:… (dramatic pause… deep breath)… God is with me wherever I go and I can talk to Him all the time. So simple. He loves the big things we do for Him and the million tiny things we do for Him. We just keep Him first. And I used to get behind in my spirit when I got busy and as a leader and worker by nature, busy used to be distractions away from God. But praise God, He has transformed and corrected that thinking and helped me embrace how He made me. I am His and He is always with me. And my busy is worship to Him because I include Him in it all and keep Him first and most n important in my mind and heart. ❤


Busy Life

I have been busy lately, so have not posted much in the last couple of days other than some verses I loved during Bible reading.

I fasted on Monday instead of Wednesday this week, so I am with you in prayer today if you are fasting today and will get back to my Wednesday schedule next week. I may fast Friday also. Pray especially for those hit by the hurricane and our elections and of course salvation.

We have been doing missionary meetings and birthdays and baseball games and entertaining and band practice and tons of other things with family, friends, band family and church family. October is always very busy.

I wanted to drop by and encourage you in my busyness. God is in control. He is bigger than any hurricane, evil, storms, depressions, anything. He simply awaits your humble prayer and He is right there. You are so very loved. So precious to Him. I love you too.😄❤

Busy Day

It is easy to let busy keep you from doing something for the Lord. Until you realize that if you are constantly praying and have your humble heart right, your busy is for God because when we serve anyone other than ourselves, we are serving Him. So, as I sprayed on sealer to out fence today, I was serving my family and God. And as I baked a strawberry layer cake from scratch today for my daughter’s birthday party, I was serving her and God. And as I listened to the problems of my neighbor unexpectedly, I was loving her and God. And as I keep score for my son’s baseball game, I am serving him and God.

So busy is not always just distractions from prayer and worship. Sometimes busy is putting proof of loving action into action from faith, putting feet to talk.

So thank God for being able to rest in Him but also thank Him in the busy for being able to prove that He is your focus and obedience matters. Just keep in prayer no matter what and your heart is making Him happy.❤

It Begins

So, I cut down on a few things this homeschool year. However, we will be doing Fall Baseball. So here we go, starting tomorrow with practice Tuesday and Friday nights. “Woo hoo!”, she says sarcastically.

Since my daughter did not want to play baseball this season, she and I will be working on tennis at the same time. And that will be great. And all bets are off what will be done once games start. They are short of coaches, so I may coach. We will hit that wall when we run into it.

So we are about to be a bit busier, however we cut out 4-H and a lot of other small things we used to do that took lots of time and I will only assistant coach PE instead of doing everything. That will free us up for mornings we need off to wrestle an alligator or something. You never know what will happen in a day and we must be available to help.

Despite the starting-tomorrow-busier-schedule, I find joy now in doing these little things with my children. I find that doing little things for them blesses and honors God. I find to be true that God wishes us to love on people with the same energy and generosity that He does. It makes Him happy. And making Him happy makes me very happy. So here we go…😄❤

A Day Full

Today was a full day. It was teeming with life and fragility, strength and vigor. The me plus 30 pound battling despression that existed 6 months ago would not have been able to handle this day. But this is a new day, friends. God gave me a song again. I posted it last post, encouraging us that however bleak life seems sometimes, it will one day soon all change categorically in a moment.

The kids and I attended a meet and greet at the park for our local homeschool group. Then I changed and we high tailed it over to Sebring (1 1/2 hrs away) for three consults. Then we raced to the bank by our house before it closed. Then we went home and I sewed my son’s rollerblades up sturdily. Steve went to band practice where he is filling in and the kids and I went to pick up their friends and take them with us to skating, and I and them skated two hours, then return them after. Then we came back home for late supper and showers before bed. This day was a whirlwind. I am glad tomorrow is just school.

What a day! But the weird thing is that not only am I not sore or particularly tired, but if I needed to do something else, I could. God has given me, blessed me with a second wind! I am His little girl and He loves me and Jesus saves me even now. What a mighty God we serve! ❤ ❤ ❤

Being too Busy

I never ever want to be too busy for someone who needs me. It is easy to be. We get so wrapped up, even in very very good things (but more often its stupid little entertainment or tech things). But may I never be guilty of the sin of over-busyness where I disobey God’s direction for me because I am too busy with anything else. So I am working on that. I want Him to return (soon) and catch me obeying and not being busy with nonsense. ❤

On Feeling Alone

It is a lie that we are ever alone. Sometimes I forget that and feel how I am feeling right now… alone. My loving God is one humble prayer away. Yet sometimes I forget and have to remind myself. Why? What is so great that it blocks my vision? And the answer I determined is that it is a cumulation of little things, a myriad of distraction bricks that add up to one large brick wall to shade me from the brilliant truth. The anniversary of my Daddy’s death, the death of a great friend, the rejection and abandonment of another, kids needs, spousal needs, being constantly criticized, demands of time, coaching, leading choir, the band, teaching, cleaning houses, etc. It seems like I should be savagely content with so many people around me pressing in at every turn. But these things, at the end of the day, drain me and as I sit in the dark alone in my room, waiting for my brain to stop so my sleep can come, I wish strong arms would hold me and I feel so so very alone. The distractions, you see, again forged a chasm between the many things requiring my time and attention and my precious Savior who should have it all. My priorities flipped and I confess that I need alone time with God desperately. So tomorrow I will arise early and walk with Him. And He will help me as He always has done and I will get my mind right with His help. I will remember that He is always with me, always loves me and comforts those who mourn and admit they need Him. And I will repent of my falling for the distraction scheme and busyness and remember that no is a good word when you need time with God, nothing wrong with that. Yes can never be the only word or the distraction liars will walk all over me again. Tired of that. I will fight. God will help as He always does. ❤❤❤