The Laying Down of Burdens

Laying down your burdens to the Lord requires the first step of laying down your pride and tight grip on these burdens. We fixate on the problems and thus they grow while our faith hangs put on the sidelines and shadows waiting its use. We need to humble our heart and visualize placing our problems/burdens at the foot of Jesus who can actually help and grab our faith up and then let go of those burdens. Then focus on God who just helped you yet again and thank Him for it. Ponder His amazing ability to handle every problem in the world simultaneously. Really try to n wrap your head around that and then be thankful that such a powerful God delicately made you and sustains you because of His enormous, unfathomable love for you.❤❤❤

Sharing the Load

Friends lately have so many battles of their own, I hate to burden them with my little myopic problems so I tend to keep them to myself and share that load with Jesus. See, He understands. He has been abandoned, betrayed, lost loved ones, been tired, been lonely, been overworked. Jesus gets me because He lived it long ago. So I just have to remember that. Sometimes I forget because He is invisible. Lol out of sight, out of mind for me. Lol So, I am reminding myself to share my burdens with Jesus. And you do the same if by chance you have some burdens. And we will feel better on the other side of it. Never give up. Love you!❤

Letting Go of the Weights

All of the unnecessary negative weights you carry around with you are not worthy of the absolute preciousness of your life. Weights such as unforgiveness, grudges, anger, hate, past relationships, excess body weight, discontent, pride, etc. all keep God’s beautiful joy from flowing in your life. God through Jesus Christ our Savior frees us and offers freely to take those burdensome weights away and throw them out forever. All we need to do is humbly offer them to Him for the taking and then don’t go pick them up again. The weights may be what is familiar to us but is never ever what n is best for us or what God intended. He is a loving God of peace and holiness. He never intended all these burdens and distractions and thieves of joy for us. We are His precious children. He wants love for us, care, strength to do our work with gratitude and worship. 


You know, as often as I have run into some sort of trouble in life, some of my own doing and some done to me, it never ceases to amaze me just exactly how I can bank on God getting me back out of it. God is a God of opportunity. He will always give us a chance to grow and learn and serve and start over and start again. Always these are there. It is easy to overlook these because when we feel like we are drowning under the weight of it our enemy wants us to believe there is no way and distracts us heavily. But if we take a chance on prayer and pray, God will allow us to see another option, an opportunity, sometimes blatantly and sometimes out of the corner of your eye. But I promise you that His opportunity is always better than the weight of the troubles you might be under. And the more we keep ourselves in a habit of prayer and reading His Word, the faster we can see His option. 

Letting Go

When we let go of things that have racked our brain and weighed on us, we free ourselves of it. When we let go of the poison of unforgiveness and worry, our burden is instantly lighter and everyone involved benefits. How do we do that? We humbly admit that we can not continue trying to pretend like we can control the situation at all and then admit and confess that we should have never carried it to begin with. In picking up a load of baggage that was never meant to be ours, we accept the sin of stealing and punishment thereof. However, it is really as simple as, “I am sorry, God. I should never have grabbed that bag. Here it is back. I give it to You, Lord, the only One I know who can take it and put it away.” And you leave it there with Him and walk away. When you truly do that and don’t ever give into the temptation that will attack you with the desire to run back and pick it up again, you are then truly free. Your burden, the extra weight as you try to function, is gone. God takes it when you ask Him every single time. And every single time, He responds to you loving and beautifully and takes it all from your plate and gives you such peace and comfort and joy that it amazes you you didn’t do it sooner. Yes, the enemy has millions of tricks and will use them wrapped in tricks and lies and will keep you low and distracted and guilty and in pain and feeling alone as much as you allow him to. Knowing this is great power and we must consciously seek out the truth through Bible study and prayer until truth vs. lie is as easy to decipher as black from white in broad daylight. Truth (of God’s Word) unveils lies and overpowers it unless the person wants to believe the lie for their own ignorant or prideful reasons. However, the moment we decide to be humble and give the burden back to God, He is there and takes it and kisses your boo boos and holds your heart as He heals it. Yes, He is that powerful and more and loves you that much and more. He made and designed you on purpose exactly as you are for His beauty and purpose. He wants to help. He can. Let Him.