Treasure Lost, Treasure Found

Life is a treasure in and of itself. Sometimes there are treasures within the treasure we discover as we walk along this life’s journey. We also find urchins and snakes sometimes, but we will leave the bad guys to another day’s talk. We want to focus on the good and blessed. We may find a treasure God placed in our lives, one so precious that you know God intentionally placed it there for you. And you pick it up and carry it with you and thank God for this amazing gift of treasure He gave. Then some punk bully comes and steals your treasure out from under your nose. You are shocked then angry then horrified then just sad because this treasure was everything to you. What else could you have done to protect your treasure from this evil one? Could you have taken better care of it or built a better home for it to stay? And you sit and mourn and temporarily, the journey halted for the moments of contemplation and mourning such deep, unexpected loss. And while mourning the loss of your forever treasure, you look up for a moment and see a glimmer in the sand. Rushing over, you realize God had not intended your forever treasure to be stolen by the evil bully and has given you an extra beautiful treasure to hold and enjoy. Maybe one day the forever treasure will be returned or find its way back home to you, but even if not, He has provided an additional forever treasure to enjoy and care for. Why? Because He is our Heavenly Father and loves us so incredibly much! God’s great love inspires His gifts of treasure for us to care for. And His treasures to us are worth loving and appreciating and protecting and caring for. They are perfect treasures from our perfect Father. I am so thankful for my treasures, even the one stolen from me and definitely the new one formed. Amazing gifts from an amazing God.

Taunting Hauntings

I am reading and working through a very good book by Vicki Tiede and today’s lesson was on guilt. Guilt is not a big problem with me (oh, I have plenty of other ones) but it is a huge problem for many of my friends and I see its affects. And I believe that the enemy uses guilt in people’s heads to distract them from the work they are to do through focusing more of their attention on themselves. But I got from that this notion of taunting hauntings, the concept that Satan would seek to destroy us from the inside out, bringing to mind whatever old sins or past mistakes and rubbing our noses in it. He taunts us with our own weaknesses that he knows well. He jeers at us and echoes criticisms of old and replays moments of ugliness and turmoil to hurt and distract us. And I thought how often newer people in our lives will say something which triggers a come back of previous ugliness or embarrassment. And I thought of what a freaking bully move that is. Bear with my rantings for a moment… We are going somewhere. Then I remembered what I tell my son about how to deal with bullies and it all came together. A bully will always run when you stand up to them powerfully. And bingo, I remembered the verses on resisting the devil and he will flee from you. So, when we have mental replays and taunting hauntings, especially from previously forgiven sins (from which Christ has assured us there is no more condemnation for), we can say boldly for those thoughts and the evil spirits behind them to leave and stay gone. The truth and acting on that truth always always sets us free. We are not victims of replays and bullies. We are powerful and lovingly created and gently forgiven sons and daughters of God. Wow! We really really need to remember that and keep our focus on that new life and not allowing the dead to un-bury themselves in our heads. We are worth more than to be cheapened by doubt. We grow our faith and trust in God by training our focus and attention on Him and His Bible and He keeps bringing in new truth to help you to realize that old dead ways are just that, old and dead. God is the God of life. If He has forgiven you, as He promises to as soon as you ask Him, that sin is dead and buried. Don’t dig it up because it is familiar or allow the enemy to dig it back up to taunt and bully you. Keep the dead dead and focus on new life. God will show you the peace and joy and love etc. that life should be and is with Him. Amazing.