To Be Everything

To be everything to a man

Then be nothing,

Knowing now someone else is everything to him,

Feeling the sting of knowing him

Better than anyone

Then being discarded,

To love deeper than anyone

Then be hated by the beloved,

This pain is unfathomable.

This pain should be illegal.

This pain keeps biting after the snake is dead.

The pain is deep.

Never do this to anyone.

Never provide this pain.

Take care who you choose to love.

Take care whose love you accept.

Take care of love while you have it.❤

On Why Some People Choose Evil and Uncooperation

4 factors: 1. Level of Selfishness. 2. Level of Brokenness. 3. Level of Maturity. 4. Choice/Free Will.

Some people are just selfish and most are broken in some way. Our brokenness can be used as a stumbling block and/or excuse to do what you want for yourself to get your own way because it is all about you. Or. There is a better way. The brokenness can yield understanding and depth of character if one is humble enough and mature enough to learn the lesson and grow from it and grow close to God who can help. 

The first group of people will never change until they decide to. And if we need to protect ourselves or children from them, then we must. The second group of people are the most beautiful and intriguing people in the world. ❤

The Way of the Broken

Just saw a very good and beloved friend from my past. It amazes me when I meet up again with someone who was the purpose for a serious lesson learned long ago and you realize that God takes you exactly where you need to go in life. The way of the broken for the moment is to see the broken as the new you, see yourself as changed, different, lacking now because of some circumstances that disturbed you. And here is God the whole time saying that your broken has never looked more beautiful for there are new cracks that he can fill with gold and diamond inlays. He mends our broken with valuable and beautiful bedazzle. And you end up different yes, but in such a good way as to be strong get and more beautiful and wiser and more mature and now so E sort of walking testimonials y of God’s beauty that can only shine gloriously out of broken. I walk the way of the broken and I am incredible. I know more at 42 than most people die knowing and not because I am great but because I have been broken so many times and allowed God to mend me. He does the work, see. We break and let Him do His thing and He will recreate and fill that with such beauty. I saw this amazing art show one time that portrayed some of the oldest, messiest people you can imagine and captured their eyes. Baby, those eyes moved my soul. God fixes broken so perfectly that He pours right out of His work. I am proud to walk the way of the broken because I know how God works. I absolutely shine.

Changing Seasons

Seasons of  life will change, that is inevitable. How they change can not be predicted. And it does not seem to matter what you are feeling at the moment, you can be plummetted into humility at a moment’s notice. You can stand on the peak of the mountain in Yosemite National Park, having climbed Moon face rock and stand triumphantly and feel like the strongest person and hike down and back up the Grand Canyon, that enormous chasm that makes giants fleas, and feel like you have accomplished much and feel strong. You can watch the one you love leaving your world and all of a sudden all your strength, all your drive to succeed and accomplish is vanquished just that fast and humility sets in and you realize just how tiny and fragile you are. You see yourself as an insignificant, lonely, fragile little unimportant thing in the scheme of things. You wonder at how we are made to believe we are something important one moment and feel like the lowest lifeform on the planet the next. This is the thinking that is the culmination of focusing too much on self. You have to feel it, yes, but we need to let that pain be treated by God, the Great Physician, the only One who knows our importance for He made us. No one else in the world may appreciate the working of the heart of you. No one else may see your significance or inner strength, even when you cannot see it yourself. I mean who without God can watch the most important man in your life fading from your life? Who can do that and survive without God to help you? Who can survive the realization that you are powerless to hold onto the man you love in your life if he is called away? No one. I can’t. The only help is God, who knows that damaged or not, I am still His princess. He has to hold my heart when arms are not forthcoming. God does this. Who else can? Who else wants to? Nobody quite often. But God is everywhere. He sees the specialness of you. He sees the brokenness and loves it better. That is it.

Brokenness & Hope

We live in a broken world. Nature itself is telling us of the brokenness. It still holds beauty but doesn’t feel the same. Things break it. Same with people. People are broken by other people, quite or most often by those who once were supposed to love them. Love is often broken by people’s interpretation of it and lack of understanding of what makes it up. Love in its true form gives. People use it to take. Love should give. People use it to take. That is imperitive to understand. I am a student of love. It lives in me and I study the purest form of love I know as a template, God. And as I learn of Him, I learn of love and see all the more the distortion of it in our world, causing or contributing to the eclectic brokenness of it all. We do not understand what we do to each other when we let love be a tool instead of a purpose or goal. Broken people walk around trying to mend themselves with scotch tape when they need surgery. They need God to heal their brokenness, and He is the only one who can. I am broken and in need of mending regularly, sometimes a few stitches, other times major brain surgery or a heart transplant. Only the Great Physician, God can do this to any effect. Only He can recreate what He first created. Only He can heal our broken country. Only love can. And love does not hold account of wrongs done against it. It picks up and serves and mends and heals and peace is its trademark. It is the most powerful force in the universe because God is Love. Pure, unblemished, truth. Love does not say I will hold you when you act or love or believe or think a certain way. Love says I will hold you. Love does not lightly pledge its allegiance but only present itself when commitment is certain. Love is not a passing passion or lust that comes on slowly but passes quickly and fades away or loses interest when a new person to lust after comes along. That is not what love is. Love is complete acceptance and dedication and peace on rainy days too, in the middle of crazy, in calm, in ugly, in beautiful, always and forever. What on this planet is more beautiful than that? More worthy of our effort? More true to combat a miriad of lies around us? More valuable? Not one thing. So, we who are broken have brokenness in common. There is one commonality that usually does not bind. But it can when love steps in. Love heals the broken and unites the mutually healed together. And there is distinctive and unequivical and incandescent beauty in that. And that, my friends, is hope.