Off to a Clean Start

This week begins spring break, which means spring cleaning for me. I started with helping unload our equipment from the gig last night after sweeping and mopping all the floors in the house. That took a minute and I am still tired from a great gig last night and getting up same time early to walk the dog. Next on the docket is cleaning my mom’s house and then starting the pantry cleaning.

Now, I tell you cleaning is not my idea of a good time. I like working hard outside in nature, but indoor cleaning to me is not fun. I do it anyway because I don’t want to live in a pigpen and I believe God expects us to take care of what He has given us. Good stewardship is what that concept used to be called. In addition, my husband likes a very clean house and feels loved when I clean it. So there are all my reasons. So my goal is to get all the cleaning finished as quickly as possible so I can finish the quilt and maybe take the kids swimming or to the park and play a little too.❤

Spring Break

This is the weekend before spring break. There are so many great (and most) free things to do in town here on spring break, there is spring cleaning to do, there is the quilt to finish bordering, and all I want to do is walk the dog, rest and watch movies. How lazy am I? But of course, I will stifle that last bit, take the kids around to some great events, walk the dog (I still get to do that one) and spring clean. And I know if I push through, at the end of it will be a cleaner, easier to function home ready for the rest of the spring semester with my kids. And I am looking forward to that. God is so very good!❤

Spring Break

It is amazing what a little freedom can do for the soul. We are off this week from school, and I realize many people believe we homeschoolers are always off. Nonetheless, it is a week to get stuff done around the house and refresh the soul with as much game playing and relaxing and crafts as we can fit in one day. And today we did one of our famous no technology days. We were outside and I trimmed the jasmine as the kids ran around in the yard. We made some paper of Paris molds with leaves stamps we collected. We rocked on the porch swing with ice pops. We walked my parents’ dog and I shaved my dad. When my husband got home from work we went to the phone store and got out upgraded phone and saved a lot of money. And we ate the left over salmon my husband had smoked yesterday. Today, therefore, was an incredibly beautiful day, rich with blessings and joys. Of course bad things happened too, but I choose to not focus on a band member quitting the band family or my daughter acting up in the store, my husband’s phone breaking down as he is on call, etc. These things were minor impositions in light of the big picture of family contentment and growth and unity. Restoration is a favorite word of mine lately. I believe this is the word God is working out in us. Recharging our batteries is as essential to the soul as water to the body and breath to the lungs. And as we heal fastest while sleeping, we restore our would most by days like this. And I have to tell you, we are in a very long line of families that are not perfect, but I love my family. I work on loving them. I do what I can on purpose and God guides me often in decision making for their benefit. He does this because I ask Him to. He is good and faithful.