The Ugliness of Carpet and Our Brains

I grew up in Michigan and loved carpet because it was warmer than hard floor. There was a softness and cushion (ours was worn out but you could imagine it there and see it when furniture was moved lol). To me, it was warm and beautiful and cozy. In Florida now, where carpet is hard to come by, it is also now thought of as super ugly. Because it stains, can hold smells, holds dirt that cannot be retrieved by normal vacuuming, and holds heat.

Of course I was thinking about this and realize that those things about carpet that make it ugly are also in our brains. Yes, I am weird, let’s move on and hear me out. Our brains are collectors. We collect memories- good and bad- we hold them with their stains and dirt and smells. We have a trap door for all the garbage we put in there. And we vacuum to tidy up a bit but that pesky dirt is still there. When we get really convicted, we ask God for a thorough cleaning to get all the dirt out we cannot reach, and by His grace He removes it “as far as the east is from the west.” Them we let the rabble in again to put more dirt back in- filling our brains with more distractions and worldly lusts (maybe even porn), entertainment that glorifies humanity or demons rather than God, bad scenes, arguing and bickering, video games that glorify self or evil, social media that is narcissiatic, glorifying self. And all the while God longs to thoroughly clean us and keep us clean so we can spend time with Him and enjoy freedom and peace and joy and all the fruits of His Spirit and be beautiful again eternally.❤

Rebooting After Changes

After big changes happening our lives, sometimes we need to reboot our mind and switch programs. Our brains are so complex. In pre-med and doctoral studies, the brain fascinated me most because of its complexity within and when compared to others. I was studying to be a neurosurgeon and would have loved learning more about this amazing muscle/neuron group. It is protected by a blood-brain barrier. It is bathed consistently in synovial fluid. It has 12 thick and purposed brain nerves that stimulate and operate eyesight, hearing, balance, facial movements, etc. It has a cerebellum that controls automatic functions such as breathing, heart pumping, etc. All this to say that although much of this complex and fascinating, non-duplicatable thing (except through the miracle of conception and subsequent childbirth), we still choose to think how we think. Everything can be working just as it is supposed to but we can still drive the car. We choose what to focus on. We cannot always choose what “pops” into our thoughts because every single thing we have encountered, experienced, focused on, watched, tasted, done, etc. is stored up there and can come back when recalled or sometimes on its own as a good, bad or neutral commercial of sorts. But we can decide what to do with it when it gets there or choose to turn it off and go a different way. For example, when making a life decision such as buying a new home, you need to change your apartment mentality and start focusing on things you will need that you never needed before, such as a mower. There is a reboot and reprogram phase to adapt to this change. Likewise, when we become followers of Jesus Christ, our Messiah, we need to reboot and reprogram our thoughts and lifestyle to reflect the character we learn of in the Bible. And if we become college students, we need to reprogram into the mode of learning the subject matter of our major. Change has to happen to grow and be everything you can be, which is an internal goal we have common to humanity. To deny change is to stagnate. To stagnate is to start the death process. To survive well, you must continue to work, to reprogram your thinking, to get back up, to change course, to reflect. And all of this is multiplied by a million when love is the driver. Hope is restored. All reprogramming is done through a more complex rose colored lens factor. There is a sweetness to everything. Love brings morale back, hope, courage. Love is life. Love is like music, as it stimulates all of your brain and effects everything at once. So love and music possess an automatic programming boost and rider so both need to be entered I to with great care. 🙂

The Mind is Where Your Head Is

Warning, in one of those deep but strange points of view. I want to explore the passions of the mind and its amazing variations on a theme. It has been told me that home is where your heart is. Yes, that is lovely but- let me play devil’s advocate for a moment- is it true? Our mind is infinitely more powerful and busy than our heart can ever hope to be. Our heart’s one function is to pump blood through our bodies and that is even an automatic function. Yes, I understand it is a romantic notion contrived to place love and value on home. Got it. However, the mind has the capacity to take us home, to travel, to dream, to focus on individuals and things, to plan, to mourn, to laugh, to entertain, all with or without us doing anything or being anywhere in particular. For instance, there are reports of poor souls who survived horrific conditions of prisoner of war camps who could not leave a cell for years and often were hurt or made unable to move for days or weeks who came out of it with perfected golf games because they played golf and got better in their minds to mentally get them away from the terror and survive. True story. Other similar circumstanced people went crazy, going through the same thing while focusing on the evils of their situation. I move that victories and survival and joy and peace happen in our minds before they ever become reality. I believe we fight massive spiritual battles in our minds, often unknowingly, and we decide to believe what makes sense physically rather than focus on the spiritual that we cannot handle or visualize. Yes, I am really deep here, but let’s keep exploring this rabbit hole for a minute. Maybe our minds are limited on their function to protect us from information we could not handle. Maybe we really do use all of our brain on the subconscious level and then filter out for ourselves what we can handle as human beings. Maybe the Spirit is perceived by our brain to integrate life enhancing characteristics such as love and peace and joy and patience etc. Maybe as we pray more, we unlock some of the covering and the Holy Spirit’s truth really does start to free us from the lies we tell ourselves to self protect. Maybe God’s Truth from the Bible and His creation we learn and study more and more implants spiritual wisdom and expansion of our minds to unlock more doors to our brain we locked up with lies and compromises. Regardless the link between the spirit world and our physical bodies, it remains determinedly that there is one. Moreover, when we exercise our minds with Spiritual training and discipline of prayer and meditation and Bible study and praise and worship, we change our point of view and way of thinking. It broadens our scope and expands and enlightens our thinking to a greater state and much better way of life results. The battles of right and wrong happen first in our minds. This is why we must be so careful what we put in there and what of that we choose to focus our attention. We must try to be purposeful in our thinking and rein in our thoughts. Then we show God greater honor than we show ourselves, which brings us honor also, consequently.