Book Benefits

As a doctor of audiology (or doctor of anything), you do a lot of reading. Pretty intensive reading it is and not always the most interesting stuff. Invariably, every fellow of mine, every other doctor or colleged person struggles with reading for fun. There is no time when we are in years and years of intesive schooling. And when we get out there is repayment of student loans, finding and working a career, family and essentially all your life you put on hold to finish schooling. And here is the thing, it takes a long time to read a good book for fun again. It took me at least 3 years to even consider picking one up, and I have always been a very avid reader. I love murder mysteries (by Agatha Christie, of course and Sherluck Homes books) and the classics (Jane Eyre, anything by Jane Austen, much by Charles Dickens, the Bronte sisters’ books, etc.). Other things interest me also, Bible studies, of course the Bible (should have mentioned that first because that one I continued during school), nonfiction, novels, anything but romance novels (porn in pen- lol). And I was thinking of picking up a book after a long stint of busy and mourning and caretaking my dad and watching him fading away with dementia in the nursing home and looking after my mom and homeschooling the kids and enduring false accusations by a crazy woman with a problem and so many things life has luxuriously offered me of late. And I look at the book in my hand, happens to be a copy of my novel I wrote long ago when life was lighter (Lady Sarah Preston) and I turn the page and something unique to reading happens. My mind travels. My thoughts are taken where the writer (me in this case- so weird) leads me. I am sent to another place and imagine the scenery there and picture the actions and tones of voice of the characters, I fall in love with an imperfect heroine, I ride the horses along with them, I think of their feelings and experience their emotions. Reading a good book does what nothing else really can and much moreso than watching pictures or movies on computer or tv (which is useful also at times). Reading allows more of your mind to be involved in co creating the scene and watching it unfold to learn new truths or points of view or feel good then the hero wins in the end or mourn if they don’t. So many things happen when we read. And the opening of our minds in this way is invaluable and exciting as nothing else is. Hard to read everything but really fun to try. 🙂

Results of a “No Technology Day” Experiment

So, as promised, my children and I did a “No Technology Day”. To clarify, we did a no electronics day, where none of us got on the computer or cell phone (except for brief calls as needed) or androids or television/movies/games. And let me tell you how it went. My children at first grumbled and whined like women kept from chocolate too long, but as we planned, engineered and built an elaborate marble track and played games and read books, there was no grumbling or whining at all in the house. In addition, I noticed with the extra time spent hanging out and extra attention we all seemed to give and get from each other, I heard no grumbling or unnecessary acting out or crying or misbehaving. In fact, I noticed my children much more stable, secure, happy, content. Additionally, there was no complaining at supper and everyone happily ate what was put in front of them, which was not normally something they did with this particular dish without some level of displeasure sharing. So, in response to yesterday’s blog on self esteem, I believe no electronics or at least much much less time with electronics in the home build stable, secure children and parents. I believe if we give our children our undivided attention and conversation and encouragement for notable parts of the day, we would see much more normalcy and much less narcissism and insecurity we are seeing so much of now. I noticed within myself a change also and when I was not visiting Facebook or checking emails or playing games on my Kindle, I was much more calm and fun and peaceful and had more energy and focus on my kids and then my husband when he was home from work. This successful experiment will be repeated, and I will definitely limit or prohibit the use of electronics during school time. I believe God was smiling on us today, and I would really like to make that an everyday occurrence.

Shameless Book Plug

These blogs I enjoy writing and expounding on the thoughts in my head. I will continue because I love writing. I just wanted you also to be aware that I am also a published author in case you might be interested. Three books are in the Kindle store. You can find them on and in the Kindle Store window type in “Tonya LaLonde” and you will see my three books available. I would like to describe them. The first written was actually Lady Sarah Preston. This is a novel about me as Sarah Preston in a glorified autobiography set in pre-Victorian England. There is everything my life has had- mystery, intrigue, nature, romance, etc. I am writing the sequel now. The second book, Huh? Or Hearing Utterances and Humor or A Hearing Doctor Talks Shop. I am a Doctor of Audiology (hearing and balance), and this is a book mostly about hearing loss and hearing aids. It is practical, funny, technical enough and informative for those needing to know about this vital topic for communication with hearing impaired loved ones. Think of it as a handbook of everything you should know before ever thinking about buying very costly hearing aids or go into an office to discuss it. The last book, Worry Crashers is a Christian booklet on worry and how to stop worrying and start living free from worry. The beautiful thing is that it was co-written with my late missionary Grandmother Lois Metzler. She taught me faith and trust in God and her words encourage me to this day. If you want to grow in your Christian walk, this is an excellent tool for you. Though it is short, much time, research and thought went into this booklet and the purpose was to be short enough to re-read easily and allow the words to keep washing over you. Thank you so much for indulging my shameless book plug. And ever so much thanks to all those who have already read my books! You are so appreciated! It supplements my staying at home and homeschooling my children. Thank you so much!

My New Books

So, I have just published 2 new books on Kindle (which is also available on any computer via their free Kindle Cloud Reader- my commercial).  I have worked very hard on these books, as most authors do.  One book is on my trade- a conversational and humorous clarification of hearing loss and hearing aids and how to know what to do, how much they should be, how not to be conned and swindled, etc.  It is written to be very helpful.  That book is called Huh? or Hearing Utterances and Humor or Clarification of Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids or A Hearing Doctor Talks Shop.   You can find it here:

My second book is completely different.  It is a novel.  More poignantly, it is a sort of autobiography set in a fictional novel set in pre-Victorian England.  It is rather a fantasy and coming-of-age book that has a moral, a point.  It isn’t mindless blather, but it will entertain all the same.  It is called Lady Sarah Preston.  The link is here:

Thank you so much for letting me tell you about my newly published works.  I hope that one or both may be helpful to you.  I believe God gives us knowledge of topics to help other people and get it out to others rather than selfishly keep it all to ourselves.  I hope this information finds those to whom it will be a blessing!  God bless us all!!  🙂